Saturday, April 19, 2008

"White Mound Lake" down the road

This is the entrance to the boat landing side of White Mound.

It is the side
of the lake
that we live

I get asked about the "boat landing" sign that points down our road we live on. Yes, there is a lake about 3 miles from the retreat. It is a man made lake created about 40 years ago.

About 20 years ago, our 'Homemakers' group called the Loretta Leftovers adopted the park as our cause. Yup - that was the name we came up with! Well, we recruited our husbands, fathers, children and friends and we built this playground down to White Mound park.
It is a county park that has a beach, large campground, horse campground and horse trails, boat landing (trolling motors only). The wood structure equipment is looking tired now, but it was one of the first things I designed !

There is a guy fishing from the dock in a dark shirt, white hat.

This is a picture of one area dedicated to just horse campers. On thursday or friday afternoon, the horse trailers start going by our house. They usually stay till Sunday. At night, if you drive by, the horses are tethered to the posts while their caregivers are gathered round the campfire usually laughing and talking. Reminds you of the cowboys back in the day.
So if your 'Tom, Tom' - GPS tells you to turn right off of County GG, go ahead. It will take you around the lake and you will end up at the bottom of Prouty Road. The retreat is at the top of Prouty Road. AND, you will get to see the park. You don't need a County Park sticker to drive through.
Between meals today, I actually got an hour of raking in. Well, it really was more like picking up sticks while the rake watched and laughed.
Photos of this week's retreaters projects! Stay tuned

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