Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Showers weekend

Notice Joanie's tiny lady bug teddy on the lap of this gray bear she made too. She won numerous ribbons for both of these fine bears. They are both jointed. Good job on her 'Baltimore Album' too!

Busy weekend. Some folks from 3 hours away. A sampling of show 'n tell and some projects folks were working on.

Carol worked making octagon blocks out of this "focus fabric". It will be stunning when completed.

Handbags and totes are still big this year and always. Don't you just love all of them? Some were embellished with some fancy stitches.

It is always fun to welcome new, first time guests. And I really love it when we get folks just starting to quilt. We had some of both this time. It was great!

The birds quilt she designed
herself - being inspired from
Birds and Blooms magazine.

More tomorrow, Patsy


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