Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Marty and Cody!

I went shopping just 5 minutes from the retreat today. Actually, I could hardly wait for 10am - the opening time of the Big Red Barn's Spring Sale.

They sell antiques. The cart and little worm is from the Barn. Rest is from a garage sale in Reedsburg. Ain't the tiny coin purse neat? The leather luggage tag is one of those kid stitch it kits we had in the 50's. I thought it would look good on one of my many suitcases. I even got the old tape measure from the same sale.

Marty will be back tomorrow from his trip 'up north' to two of our kids places. Their carpenter/fix it Dad and their Uncle Red came up to help them install the outdoor wood burner and bury the lines, and a host of other fix it jobs. They are both happy kids right now.

Cody, the son that lives near here (and getting married in June) shares a birthday with his Dad. Cody is 24 and Marty is 54 ! Both born on 4-24-54

or 4-24-84 depending on which one.

Our guild met last monday evening and the demo/lesson was "stained glass" quilting. Marcella did a great job. She had all the flowers fused on already so all we had to do was cut and iron the 1/8" fusable tape.

I never did this before but it went fast.
I am always parusing the magazine section at the supermarket and this has become my newest favorite. Check out some of the great sections. They had a pin cushion contest. See more of the winning designs at She promotes simple living to those liv'in it and those that want to. There's is recipies, articles about aprons and new uses. Lots of good reading with very few ads. I tore out two pages with back to back ads and that was all! She does stuff with vintage doilies too. And what cute primitive dolls. Pattern included! Have to make a pair of those.

Well Brett is on, later, Patsy

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