Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding went perfect!

Cody and Amanda McCluskey

Cody and Amanda's wedding was wonderful. We had a downpour of rain after the wedding so photos had to be done inside. But the humidity was down and it was very comfortable weatherwise.

This was their first dance as Mr. and Mrs.

Cody's brother Brady was his best man and gave a wonderful 'toast/speech'.
The night before the wedding, and at the rehearsal dinner at a local restaurant are our three favorite people in the whole world.

Youngest Cody, oldest Stacy Akl , and middle Brady.
I signed the card "To Amanda, Cody picked this out for you when he was 4 years old"
...and inside was the quilt 20 years in the making.
Cindy Fenster - you did a wonderful job quilting this masterpiece!
.....still cleaning up a bit, putting away today, getting ready for the 4th of July cookout/campout.
I am now blessed with a beautiful daughter-in-law to compliment my most wonderful son-in-law and I am smiling!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Retreat Treats

Fast Creme Puffs
This recipe was shared from DarLynn, a good friend in the Janesville Wisconsin area. I love it simple and these look like you spent hours!

2 Sheets Puff Pastry(one box) 2 Instant Pudding Pkgs sm
2 Cups Cold Milk 1 cup thawed Cool Whip
squeeze Chocolate topping optional

Preheat oven to 400 degrees (I use Pastry Convect)
Unfold Pastry and cut into 3" circles Total 18
Place on parchment paper on baking sheet. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove and cool completely.
Meanwhile, pour milk and dry pudding mix in bowl and beat for 2 minutes until blended and semi-firm. Gently stir in whipped topping. Cover + refrigerate fro 15 min.
Cut cooled pastry circles in half (like a hamburger bun).
Spoon dollop of pudding on bottom half and replace with top. Can drizzle with chocolate. Cover + refrigerate until serving.
Some of the neat projects folks were working on this weekend.....

Wizard of Oz ~ Dorothy quilts... the Menasha girls got together and made these to snuggle and watch the Wizard!

The latest project they were working on was Halloween I see a theme going on here????

Some great bags and purses being made here......

............and more quilts.
Cowgirls and Princesses............lucky recipients!

This same weekend the guys had a bachelor party for son Cody up at the house. This is the future Groom. This week I am running around doing details for the wedding which is June 28th. And now the road to LaValle is closed again for repairs. Awwwwhhhhhgggg. Patsy

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thrify finds this week

I forgot my wallet once at Baraboo, so not to drive the same road twice, I went a different route the second time and stumbled across a garage sale out in the country. What a find! I got this foldup drying rack which will look great with quilts hanging on it.
And some chicken feeders, a coffin shaped cake pan for Halloween - I think it is suppose to be a petal for a flower maybe??? Kinda looks like a dresden plate flower. Pencils for our church, clothespins, jadite bowls for cheap.
A Beautiful 50's prom dress....
This tricycle for only $13!!, FisherPrice Airport, bunting, flags, and the neat polyester homemade rug.
Well, I better get busy for the guests this weekend! Next weekend is Cody's wedding!
Take care, Patsy

Friday, June 13, 2008

Our Lady of the Fields Shrine

Many of you have hiked the half mile journey to "the Chapel" and some of you wanted to, but didn't take the time. I thought I would show you what it was so maybe the next time you come stay at the Homestead Cabin Retreat, you might take a look. It is only a half mile but the rolling hills of Sauk County add that little bit of 'extra' workout.
I have warned many folks to watch out for the guy behind the door, and still they were startled. Life size Saint.
The windows are especially beautiful when the setting sun shines through them.
The Chapel is connected to St. Patrick's Catholic church. The cemetary has mostly older Irish decendants which are very interesting. The dates on the tombstones let us know when things like famine struck the community.
I hope you check it out the next time you stay, Patsy

A Walk to Susan's house

What you can see on your way to a friend's house.......

This Tamarak tree we planted two years ago. My daughter the tree expert said it likes to have wet I wasn't sure it would do well where we planted it. This year I definately won't have to worry about wetting 'its feet'.
Susan has such lovely plants, trees, and shrubs in which nature loves to hang around at her house. I captured this swallow tail butterfly on my camera.
Some of you, while at the retreat, could see this caboose across the ravine.
Our neighbor dogs are Dylan, Maggie, and Mitzy. Our dogs, Polly and Juice love to exchange neighborhood gossip back n forth by barking whenever they have some news.

I cut alot of squares and tumbler blocks yesterday. The squares I added to if my scraps were small. I ask all the retreat guests to save me a 2"x2" square when they are here. I think I have enough to start something. I was cutting and sewing a scrappy tumbler quilt after I moved my Singer upstairs to the porch for awhile. I just don't seem to find much time downstairs. We'll see if this works out better. So far it's great. Take care, Patsy

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aftermath from flooding

Have you ever wondered how two days of rain can cripple a state?

The picture of half a road is in our township so quite close. (Not a road you travel on to get to the retreat) Water was bubbling out of the middle of the road like "bubbling crude".

When a entire city's sewage treatment plant is flooded, it is shut down. Reedsburg is on "state of emergency". The photo is one of the clinics. The hospital and all clinics are using Port-a-Potties for employees and those who are not "in patients" . Nice. Huh? No elective surgeries are scheduled You do what you have to do.......

Sandbagging in Reedsburg near the bridge you have to cross to get to the quilt shop. Or any other shop. They are leaving them in place due to more rain in the forcast. "Butterfest" the towns celebration is cancelled for this weekend.

All of Lake Delton's water and Sauk County and Vernon county's water is making its way south and causing Inner State Hwy to close last night near Johnson Creek.

Even "Dottie's" feet are wet. Lots of water ran off the hill and down into the chicken coop.

Maxi is doing her "ain't I cute?" roll in the dirt.

Stay dry......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Retreaters Talents Weekends Past

This last weekend we had many first timers here at the Homestead Cabin Retreat. Newbies are so much fun.

Two of our Retreat veterans made lots while here. Denise made these "Hair thingys" made with wire inside. She demo's how to roll them up. Matching skirts too!

Valerie's quilt is made up of a Swap Exchange from all over the world. Very nice!

Helen's jacket is made from 2" squares. That is what I ask everyone to leave me before checking out of the retreat this year - a 2" square so I can make quilts for the retreat beds. A little part of you that came in 2008.

More photos of projects - Some were hand quilting their quilts too.
And more..............................

by for now, have to figure out how to get to Reedsburg.....Patsy