Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day outing - shopping

Check out these scissors. The handle looks like it originally had wicker wrapped around it, then a braid. Very neat for a few bucks.

Velveteen ribbon, velvet fabric, eye mask for retreat, the plates are metal and never seen enamel plates with flowers on them before. The mesh hanger thing is for my shower.

As I was mentioning before, the weekend I had 'off' so I waxed three coats to the Retreat floor and then went to tour around. I headed towards Sauk City's St. Vincents (nice) and since I was there, I crossed the bridge and went to Lodi to check out the quilt shop "The Village Creek quilt shop"(never been there either) It was very nice! And so were a couple of stores next door and across the street. One in particular "Cottage House Primitives". It was just that. You could get hand dyed wool there, among other things. I helped her economy too. One photo is layed on top of a woven rug I got for the retreat's kitchen counter. Then I went on to the town of Columbus. It has the biggest antique store in Wisconsin - but of course I wasted so much time at a few other antique stores that I had only a half hour so I went to the top floor (there is three) first since I usually am burnt out before I reach that furniture area. It was probably best that I had just 30 minutes. They started turning the lights out...... and I couldn't find my way out. Each floor has sections like E2 and E3 and so on. It is an old warehouse added on to many times. Anyway, I followed the sound of the check outs radio and after 4 minutes of circling around, I did check out with just a tin cup.
She said when Johnny Depp and others were in town, they bought all the tin cups and plates up. It will be seen in the jail seen. Along with an old settee for Johnny's mistress's hotel room. So the workers at the antique store all sat on the couch and took their picture so they can watch for the couch in the Dillenger movie. I found the wooden Playskool garage at a 'garage sale' hehe he. That lady had alot of brochade trim. But she wouldn't sell it by the spool full. She had to measure each stinkin yard out for that 30 cents a yard! So I only got 5 yards of a green.
I like oval embroidery hoops. The metal ones my Mother was passing along to St Vincents and the crocheted heart too - so I rescued them.
Here are two photos of the texture that the tissue paper on the wall turned out like. I hope you can see it - though it ain't lookin so good now.

The lamp photo shows it best but the paint color left for a spell. It is the smokey blue but I covered up the flash for this one.

This is Rug Hookers weekend and I can't wait to get started ! Stay tuned for photos. The fuzz should be flying this weekend. Lookout dust bunnies! ***Patsy

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finishing my bedroom FINALLY

Some birds in our area..........

Saw this blue heron in my travels near Bear Valley. The 'hummers' were fighting. They finished this full feeder of juice in two hours. I counted I think 9 at one time. That is alot for us.

I remember sitting out on the deck of the retreat with my feet up on the rail, having a great and wonderful time finishing a bottle of wine between the two of us. And me with no supper ..... well, after we parted our 'girl talk' conversation, I went in and decided it would be a great time to tear the wallpaper off my bedroom wall. After all, it had been on there for 25 years. Well, that was over 3 years ago. I did such a poor job of ripping off the paper that some of the drywall paper tore off too. Well, I have been wanting to apply tissue paper with wallpaper paste and knew it would be a big job - so me being the great procrastinator that I am - let it go for this long. With Marty up north visiting/working at the kids' houses, I thought it would be as good a time as any. It only took about 4 packages of tissue paper and a partial box of paste.

You have to tear all the straight edges off of the tissue paper. Juice helped me. Not really. He just liked laying in the pile of scraps. Next you wadd up the sheet of tissue like you were throwing it away. Then straighten it back out. Now roll on the wallpaper paste onto the wall, apply the sheet of tissue paper and patt it down, roll over the sheet to press down the wrinkles (you want to have wrinkles - great texture). I will get some shots of the finished wall in a couple days. I am real happy with how it turned out. HEY - it's done! What's not to like about being finished?

The hardest part was seeing where you left off. I finally used a pencil and put marks on the wall. You prime the wall after it all drys anyway. Then you paint a color on.

This is the one accent wall that is a brown. It is our walkin closet. The rest is a smokey gray/blue. NOt the blue that the camera shows. More the color of the picture frame.
I will try to get shots of the rest of the room later. I am getting a few more bird prints framed and they'll be done next week.

Here is a few Thrifty Finds on one of my outings. I liked the rustic frame on the stichery. I'm a sucker for the wood hanger and the 40's flower pots, well, they were the right green. I am going to smaller vases of flowers in the retreat bedrooms now. The sink area is so tiny anyway, the flowers were taking up too much space. So I am hunting for more miny vases. Since I had no retreaters for Memorial Day weekend, I went on a little 'tour' to the Lodi, Columbus, Wisconsin area. More on those 'finds' later.
later, Patsy

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Retreaters treasures

You all know my love of pin cushions. Look at this one. This started out as a white cushion and then got embellished with wool leaves and petals.

Cute huh?

This weekend was no exception to the talents out there. Many in the group didn't even bring sewing machines, yet kept busy doing beautiful hand work. Applique in wool mostly. Stunning projects.

Some of the show n tell wool projects, bags and totes.
The dice game came out for a quick game of "L.R.C." (left, right, center) played with fat quarters of fabric. It goes better with wine you know.


Check out this chantalain made by Tomi.
Here is a dimensional punch needle Uncle Sam. See the raised swirls in his beard? Punched at a greater depth.

Check this out....

and more and more great quilts. Traditional and Artsy.
all for now, Patsy

Friday, May 16, 2008

Flowering Around

These troughs are called a funny name and I can't think of it but they use to appear in the European gardens and cottages.

Last year I was lucky enough to do this concrete project with my neighbor's Susan and Jim. They take a year to 'cure' and they had experience with this project before. Not sure of the recipe. It had perlite and concrete fiberglass fibers along with water, and sand. I think Martha Stewart has a recipe somewhere. You mold it over boxes, bowls, and buckets with a layer of plastic to aid in the unmolding. It is a slow curing process where you have to spritz it with water and keep it under plastic. I lucked out here - Jim and Susan did all that.
When it is ready for outside, you have a lightweight concrete 'bowl' ready for planting the next year. You can burn off the fibers sticking out but I am leaving mine as I am lazy that way. I planted mine with succulants mostly where they will survive a shallow planting.
I even made a small fountain which I am awaiting some sawsall cutting by Marty yet. To make these hold water, you have to either add a concrete smear inside after it's cured or I poured in Thompson's Deck water Seal and let that puddle up , dumped it out into a plastic pail. Let it dry. Poured it back in again. Dumped it out. Let it dry. It mostly holds water now. It may need a couple more times yet. But it should be ready to plug in soon. I bought a tiny little water pump in the pond section of Menards and I have some shiny stones just waiting to get wet. I may have trouble with the chickens using it as a watering hole but I am willing to share.

Take care and happy gardening on this beautiful day - Patsy

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Future's Lookin Bright

Saturday before Mother's Day we had a wonderful Bridal Shower hosted by my sister Nancy and daughter Stacy.

We did a foot spa treatment instead of those dreadful shower games. It was wonderful! Amanda is the one with the corsage on. She will be my son Cody's wife next month and we are happy she will be a part of our family soon.

Here is a picture of Ashley, Amanda, Cindy holding Brea, and Me at the shower.

The baby is Amanda's sister who had to leave for work before this photo was taken. We begged her to leave the baby. Isn't she adorable?

So if I am a bit spacey this next month, you will know why - helping Amanda with the details. And my head is full.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

As I am preparing for my future daughter-in-law's Bridal Shower, I think how wonderful it really is to BE a Mother.

I get caught up in the details but I am stepping back for a moment to notice life and all it's grandeur. I am blessed with my three grown children and the surroundings in which I live. I can't help but notice the sounds of the Spring birds which choose to live here too. And I am also blessed to enjoy my 51st Mother's Day with my Mom. So in my wise years I have come to realize the most precious gift IS time and who we choose to spend it with.

Happy Mother's Day,

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lunch with Somebody's Grandkids

I had a wonderful time catching up with two gals that were student teachers/subs in the Four Year Old Kindergarten that I use to be an aide in.

One was visiting back in Wisconsin from Nashville and the other I hadn't seen since her wedding (4 years ago!!) Wow, was it that long Jacqui? Anyway, I really got to enjoy their wonderful kids for a bit. Two Moms who love their jobs of raising their kids! Happy Mother's Day you guys!

Many of you know that I am not a Grandma yet, but I was getting a little practice in --- just in case it could happen someday.
So thanks Nicki and Jacqui for sharing your kids and I promise it won't be another 4 years till we get together again. How does that happen? You lose track of folks so quickly and emails are just not the same!
So I did get a day or two off this week since there is no group this weekend (Mom's Day)
Take care, Patsy

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Judy T and the Bees

Sounds like a name of a 50's band doesn't it? Anyway, these gals are always a treat to be around. A girl can learn so much from them! They are made up of two groups. One group came from northern Wisconsin and the other group from Illinois (Georgia too). Well, some of them use to work together and now they meet once a year in the middle. Middle Wisconsin that it. Here is some of their great Show 'n Tell and projects they were working on.

Brights and Traditional. What variety!
Well, I better hit the hay for some good sleep tonight.
Monday is to be another great day! nite, Patsy

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Quilts from last weekend

Wow, here we are into another weekend and I didn't post last weekends yet. Here they are for you to enjoy.

Another theatrical event at the Homestead with sock dolls.

I love Show and Tell on Saturday nights.

Thanks for looking, see you

tomorrow. Patsy