Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend jaunts and eye candy

This weekend we had lots of rain and wind. The creeks were swollen and so was the Wisconsin river. Notice how the creek meanders. I believe this is where the quilting term came from.

I had to cross the Wisconsin River to get to my thrift store hunt. The little red shack has a sign on it that says, "ole man river". It always makes me smile when I drive this way.

I found the neat circular spelling board at an antique shop but the rest was thrift store finds.

Check out the old curtain clips and what I did with one. I bent it to become a picture holder - or I plan to use them for signs for what food I have before you at the retreat. Son - Cody in school photo (he's 24 now)
This is just one of the interesting things I find when I walk around the retreat. Even the napkins folks bring are unique! Check this out.
I will post some of this weeks retreater's projects tomorrow. Some came as far away as Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Massachusetts, and a quiet bunch from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. by for now, Patsy

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