Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Perfecting the 2" square - donation!

Take a look at JO's tiny donation of the 2" square! She replicated the exact blocks that she was working on. Outstanding!

This year at the retreat, I am asking everyone to leave behind a scrap of fabric that they are working on - enough to make a 2" square so I can make a 'postage stamp' quilt. The size is a bit bigger than the traditional postage stamp but that is the smallest that I want to work with. Some ladies go the extra step and cut them out for me. **JO comes from a family of tiny producers. Her daughter, Chris makes the hand dyed stained glass pins, earrings, and necklaces that are sold at the retreat. You can also see her fine work on on the etsy site.
A wonderful site to get lost in. All handmade items sold by folks like me and you.

These were wonderful machine embroidered hot pads and kitchen towels made by Mary Jo. I just love this idea and it may just push me into getting an embroidery machine. These were just so cute!

Well, I am off to the big city and then a smaller city for grocery shopping. Yippee and yipes! ** I started walking with the dogs again. Gotta keep things moving! Felt good. Today it is suppose to get in the 50's so must get out again! Have a great day! Patsy

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