Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Homestead Under the Stars"

"Homestead Under the Stars"

They're ready! Well, almost. Just a few written modifications yet.....

Want to commemorate your stay @ the Homestead Cabin Retreat?

I have put together a 1850's quilt kit (that's how old the original cabin is)
Kit comes with the cute reproduction wooden sewing drawer with handles. There will be a choice of different border colors.
Size of completed top is 69" x 81". (Bonnie Blue Pattern Included) w/Patsy modifications
Includes 22 fat quarters, and two borders. These will be available at the retreat. Sorry - NOT shipping them.
Juice and Sophie were sharing a nap next to each other. I had brought in Juice's outside bed due to rain and Sophie thought it was just for her. Juice has an old crib mattress from a thrift store. This is especially nice if you have a large older dog. And they practically give them away since most folks buy new crib mattresses for a baby.
Take care, Patsy

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look what I found in my basement!

I found a longarm machine! Oh yeah, it's mine from 1997!
Well, I did load a quilt on today and oiled the baby up good and let it purr without thread in it. Then I proceeded to meander my way around the quilt. I'm am taking a break as it is kinda stressful on my neck and shoulders. I took a shot of the view out my windows too. Love it!
This machine has the oversized bobbins and I didn't even make it one pass of 18" and I ran out of bobbin thread. Oh boy, I didn't wind enough (only 5). I did find a mistake in one of my blocks but I will let you find that when I hang it up on the wall in the retreat.

This is a picture of our recently painted familyroom. The upper wall is really dark chocolate brownie dough and not what showed up in the photo. I like the 1940's tapestries and have a few. Also, not shown, but I have some 1940's hunting/fishing pictures around the room too.

This is the sewing machine I use in the house. Another old Singer. I do have to change the cabinet out because the knee depressor is in the middle of the knee space and I cannot figure out how they put both legs under there and had room to push out on it. Maybe some toothpic legged person but not this gal!

Well, enough of a break - must get back to meandering! Patsy

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend jaunts and eye candy

This weekend we had lots of rain and wind. The creeks were swollen and so was the Wisconsin river. Notice how the creek meanders. I believe this is where the quilting term came from.

I had to cross the Wisconsin River to get to my thrift store hunt. The little red shack has a sign on it that says, "ole man river". It always makes me smile when I drive this way.

I found the neat circular spelling board at an antique shop but the rest was thrift store finds.

Check out the old curtain clips and what I did with one. I bent it to become a picture holder - or I plan to use them for signs for what food I have before you at the retreat. Son - Cody in school photo (he's 24 now)
This is just one of the interesting things I find when I walk around the retreat. Even the napkins folks bring are unique! Check this out.
I will post some of this weeks retreater's projects tomorrow. Some came as far away as Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Massachusetts, and a quiet bunch from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. by for now, Patsy

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Marty and Cody!

I went shopping just 5 minutes from the retreat today. Actually, I could hardly wait for 10am - the opening time of the Big Red Barn's Spring Sale.

They sell antiques. The cart and little worm is from the Barn. Rest is from a garage sale in Reedsburg. Ain't the tiny coin purse neat? The leather luggage tag is one of those kid stitch it kits we had in the 50's. I thought it would look good on one of my many suitcases. I even got the old tape measure from the same sale.

Marty will be back tomorrow from his trip 'up north' to two of our kids places. Their carpenter/fix it Dad and their Uncle Red came up to help them install the outdoor wood burner and bury the lines, and a host of other fix it jobs. They are both happy kids right now.

Cody, the son that lives near here (and getting married in June) shares a birthday with his Dad. Cody is 24 and Marty is 54 ! Both born on 4-24-54

or 4-24-84 depending on which one.

Our guild met last monday evening and the demo/lesson was "stained glass" quilting. Marcella did a great job. She had all the flowers fused on already so all we had to do was cut and iron the 1/8" fusable tape.

I never did this before but it went fast.
I am always parusing the magazine section at the supermarket and this has become my newest favorite. Check out some of the great sections. They had a pin cushion contest. See more of the winning designs at She promotes simple living to those liv'in it and those that want to. There's is recipies, articles about aprons and new uses. Lots of good reading with very few ads. I tore out two pages with back to back ads and that was all! She does stuff with vintage doilies too. And what cute primitive dolls. Pattern included! Have to make a pair of those.

Well Brett is on, later, Patsy

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thrifty finds this beautiful Spring day

It was big fun for me to tour around to some places I havn't been in awhile. I have to go 40 some miles to Portage to the nearest Kmart to see what Martha has out. While there I stopped at 2 St. Vincents and 1 Goodwill store. I came home with a featherweight table for $5 bucks. Not in the best of shape but I think I can help it. Along with the goodies in the picture.
The flowers are in my 'lawn' below my house with an upclose photo too. Not sure of the kind they are but I remember planting them 20 years ago.

The chicken girls were out strutt'in their stuff in this beautiful 70's weather today. I got a kick out of them all lined up on the retaining wall. They usually don't do that.

all for now. .... Patsy

Sunday, April 20, 2008

This weekends Eye Candy

Is it any wonder, I love my job. Take a look at the projects and show 'n tell items this week. Just a sampling of what was shown.

And more ........................

And how could you not love the back of this "Paula Dean" t-shirt?

Thanks for the great weekend !

Saturday, April 19, 2008

"White Mound Lake" down the road

This is the entrance to the boat landing side of White Mound.

It is the side
of the lake
that we live

I get asked about the "boat landing" sign that points down our road we live on. Yes, there is a lake about 3 miles from the retreat. It is a man made lake created about 40 years ago.

About 20 years ago, our 'Homemakers' group called the Loretta Leftovers adopted the park as our cause. Yup - that was the name we came up with! Well, we recruited our husbands, fathers, children and friends and we built this playground down to White Mound park.
It is a county park that has a beach, large campground, horse campground and horse trails, boat landing (trolling motors only). The wood structure equipment is looking tired now, but it was one of the first things I designed !

There is a guy fishing from the dock in a dark shirt, white hat.

This is a picture of one area dedicated to just horse campers. On thursday or friday afternoon, the horse trailers start going by our house. They usually stay till Sunday. At night, if you drive by, the horses are tethered to the posts while their caregivers are gathered round the campfire usually laughing and talking. Reminds you of the cowboys back in the day.
So if your 'Tom, Tom' - GPS tells you to turn right off of County GG, go ahead. It will take you around the lake and you will end up at the bottom of Prouty Road. The retreat is at the top of Prouty Road. AND, you will get to see the park. You don't need a County Park sticker to drive through.
Between meals today, I actually got an hour of raking in. Well, it really was more like picking up sticks while the rake watched and laughed.
Photos of this week's retreaters projects! Stay tuned

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Road Trip was long to get Groceries

I always try to drive to my farthest destination first. This meant Wisconsin Dells. The picture of the street scene is dubbed "the Strip" by the locals. This is where all the motels, Tommy Bartlett Watershow, and Noah's Ark Outdoor Waterpark to name just a few spots on this street. I went to a St. Vincent's thrift store. Didn't find much here today.

In the town of "Rock Springs" is a granite crushing operation known as "Pink Lady". I think it is only one of two places in the United States that have this color of granite to crush. It is hauled on rail cars all over. Mostly to pave railway lines around the country. I go through this small village on my way to Baraboo for groceries every week.

Half way between the Dells and Baraboo on Hwy 12 is this Antique store that is good for killing a good hour. Next to it, is another equally big Craft Mall building. Many years ago, I use to sell items there. Not successfully but it was fun for a bit.
Here are a few of todays finds at the Craft Mall and the Antiques Mall.

Two old quilts. Notice the log cabins reverse side. Both were all hand done except the new loud binding on the one which was added by machine.

The "make do" pin cushions
were my favorite find!

Well, my work weekend begins, so I am off to work! enjoy your weekend! Patsy

Sunny day in Paradise

Juice and Maxi are really enjoying the 60's+ weather lately. I couldn't get Juice to leave his sunny pillow to come in and eat. You know he was liking soaking up the rays then!
Sarah's Grove quilt guild left gifts while they were here. They gave all their attendees gifts so I was lucky enough to partake. The fabric thing is a basket liner. Thanks girls!
Today I am off to grocery shop. And maybe visit some thrift stores in the area too. It makes grocery shopping bearable with an ulterior motive.
This is the ironing board I covered for a bulletin board in my office. Stapled a cutter quilt piece along the edges in the back and surface screwed it to the wall. Kind of tricky when you go to screw it in - the quilt wants to get caught and twist so be careful if you do this.

I have it set up so everyone can leave comments now on the blog - not just members so drop me a line. I never know if anyone is reading me or not! Thanks, Patsy