Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look what I found in my basement!

I found a longarm machine! Oh yeah, it's mine from 1997!
Well, I did load a quilt on today and oiled the baby up good and let it purr without thread in it. Then I proceeded to meander my way around the quilt. I'm am taking a break as it is kinda stressful on my neck and shoulders. I took a shot of the view out my windows too. Love it!
This machine has the oversized bobbins and I didn't even make it one pass of 18" and I ran out of bobbin thread. Oh boy, I didn't wind enough (only 5). I did find a mistake in one of my blocks but I will let you find that when I hang it up on the wall in the retreat.

This is a picture of our recently painted familyroom. The upper wall is really dark chocolate brownie dough and not what showed up in the photo. I like the 1940's tapestries and have a few. Also, not shown, but I have some 1940's hunting/fishing pictures around the room too.

This is the sewing machine I use in the house. Another old Singer. I do have to change the cabinet out because the knee depressor is in the middle of the knee space and I cannot figure out how they put both legs under there and had room to push out on it. Maybe some toothpic legged person but not this gal!

Well, enough of a break - must get back to meandering! Patsy

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Anonymous said...

Boy, you work fast when PRODDED! (Sidekick)