Thursday, April 17, 2008

Road Trip was long to get Groceries

I always try to drive to my farthest destination first. This meant Wisconsin Dells. The picture of the street scene is dubbed "the Strip" by the locals. This is where all the motels, Tommy Bartlett Watershow, and Noah's Ark Outdoor Waterpark to name just a few spots on this street. I went to a St. Vincent's thrift store. Didn't find much here today.

In the town of "Rock Springs" is a granite crushing operation known as "Pink Lady". I think it is only one of two places in the United States that have this color of granite to crush. It is hauled on rail cars all over. Mostly to pave railway lines around the country. I go through this small village on my way to Baraboo for groceries every week.

Half way between the Dells and Baraboo on Hwy 12 is this Antique store that is good for killing a good hour. Next to it, is another equally big Craft Mall building. Many years ago, I use to sell items there. Not successfully but it was fun for a bit.
Here are a few of todays finds at the Craft Mall and the Antiques Mall.

Two old quilts. Notice the log cabins reverse side. Both were all hand done except the new loud binding on the one which was added by machine.

The "make do" pin cushions
were my favorite find!

Well, my work weekend begins, so I am off to work! enjoy your weekend! Patsy

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