Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thrifty finds this beautiful Spring day

It was big fun for me to tour around to some places I havn't been in awhile. I have to go 40 some miles to Portage to the nearest Kmart to see what Martha has out. While there I stopped at 2 St. Vincents and 1 Goodwill store. I came home with a featherweight table for $5 bucks. Not in the best of shape but I think I can help it. Along with the goodies in the picture.
The flowers are in my 'lawn' below my house with an upclose photo too. Not sure of the kind they are but I remember planting them 20 years ago.

The chicken girls were out strutt'in their stuff in this beautiful 70's weather today. I got a kick out of them all lined up on the retaining wall. They usually don't do that.

all for now. .... Patsy

1 comment:

darlynn said...

Okay, I am ready to spit!
I am have been looking for a featherweight table since lasting being at the resort. Have seen one on ebay for $155.00! You and Susan are maddening!! (said in a very loving/frustrating/laughing voice!)
I'll get one...just you and Susan wait and seeeeeee.......