Sunday, April 6, 2008

Game of Cat and Mouse (mouse won)

Sophie wanted to make sure I saw that she was earning her keep. She brought her prize from the basement of our house up to show me. Well the tiny thing was a kangaroo mouse and she would just let it hop about and then go find it. This went on for a good 20 minutes. (that is all I could stand) Finally, I got a broom and bucket and swept him up inside and threw the mouse out the door.

I know, I know. It probably beat me back inside. But at least I didn't have to watch Sophie end the game.

This weekend's group was the Sarah's Grove quilt group from Illinois. They had lots of talented people. And though I missed their show n tell cuz' I went in the house and fell asleep, I still saw lots of goodies. Here is some of them. Feathered star, thirties triangles, green stars in a star, oriental table runner. All were great!

A bunch of gals were making these cute stacked pin cushions from a magazine pattern. Must try one!

The small quilt is a challenge amongst the guild. One of the retreaters just turned an upstairs area into her sewing space and her sister fondly named it this. The challenge was to make something with one of the fabrics I think she used on a dress form.

The black blocks in a row are a sampling of her king size quilt. The smaller wall hanging was what she made with the cut offs. Her bonus quilt.
I need to get outside in the upper 50 degree weather. Later, Patsy

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