Monday, September 29, 2008

Jammies to Hairy Spiders

These are pajama bottoms with T shirt tops/embellished w/matching fabric. Very cool. The pant legs look like pillow case edges.
This week's quilters were churning out pajamas, machine embroidery, and great quilt tops too.
Just take a look.....
The hairy spiders are just black circles now, but this quilter has hairy yarn and she knows how to use it!
Applique is beautiful....
Sorry, I am getting use to my new software and camera. I deleted the group photo by mistake. Someone forward me one, o.k.?
More to look at.....
Between hosting this weekend I finally finished my Marinara Sauce cooking on the outside burner for 3 days. This is what it started out as.
I wish I had an outside kitchen like the decorator shows. One that you can hose down when you're done. What a mess, but at least it was outside.

Have a good day, Patsy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

getting the Word out "Bonnie"...

I am printing off pamphlets to pass along to area quilt shops, guilds, newspaper press releases and so forth.
You see, I so want this to be a successful event. Bonnie Hunter will be in Spring Green, Wisconsin on Monday, November 10th at 7pm at Arthur's Restaurant on the corner of Hwy 23 and Hwy 14. Many of you have eaten here on the way to the HOmestead Cabin Retreat. Or have passed it as you turned to the north up Hwy 23. It has a big black steer (cow) on top of their sign.
email me any questions you may have about the event. Let me know if you are planning on coming! I'd like to get an idea of exactly how many? Thanks, Patsy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something to Crow about!

I got a new camera! I'm so excited about the little gem. I had a 3.1 pixels and now went to a whopping 10.1 megapixels! With a 12x zoom. It is the Kodak EasyShare Z1012 IS. (had the Kodak Easy Share originally too). It is not pocket thin so I like it. AND I can still look through the little view finder if I want to. Call me old fashioned and it fits. My memory card fit right in from the old camera. I was a bit nervous about switching over the software to the new one. Affraid of loosing 4000+ photos but it did it fine. Was the same brand so it must have known. I know I should put the photos on disc but I would have to learn to do that then. And I could delete alot of them.
Anyway, here are some Sudoku quilts from this last weekend.
and some more beauties .......

and more

I look forward to a busy week. I did the routine mammogram thing. Here is my yearly promotion - It will soon be October and it is Breast Cancer Month. Won't you take the time to schedule a check up for next month? You know, you are overdue!

Take care till next time, Patsy

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Junk Destinations - Delaney's

Across from the Badger Ordinance Plant ........
Not your ordinary store.....although they do have a 'store' for inside shopping. But me, being the adventuresome person that I am, I go strolling through the yard.
Watch your step. There are things everywhere! From football scoreboards to hospital walkers. There are much factory remnants of production of years ago. And remnants of the health field.
Behind the junk yard is a peek at the "Forevertron". Dr. Everymore's rendition of imagination gone wild. There are thousands of scrap metal sculptures to buy or just enjoy. You can tour this place too for free, just another driveway over.
Delaneys is located between Sauk City and Baraboo on Hwy 12. They are closed on Wednesdays.
Happy Junking, Patsy

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scenes from the 2008 Quilt Expo

Greetings Everyone,

This is a duplicate of newsletter many of you receive but think it may get more exposure here. Book now so you won't be left out!
We had some cancellations so check your calendars if you want to get away one last time before Christmas........ and finish those gifts!
October 31st wknd * 2 openings!
November 7th wknd * 2 openings!
December 5th Discount wknd* 4 openings!
(Everyone brings just one meal - Pot luck)$150+Tax
Openings for the first half of 2009 ------------------- *Openings are getting harder and harder to get in - so I want to let you know in advance what I do have.....always call to reserve and check for sure.
January 16th wknd * 4 openings
February 13th wknd * 7 openings
March 20th wknd * 1 opening
May 29th Primitive Gatherings Wknd - Wool Applique/Rug Hooking - 6 openings $230
July 17th wknd * 3 openings
July 31st wknd * 2 openings
Aug 15th wknd * 5 openings
Aug 22nd wknd * 13 openings
Enjoy this nice cool weather - I am!
.....and now on to the Quilt Expo's show............
This one above is from Primitive Gatherings that I bought the kit. I had been wanting it for quite a spell and now I have it!
and more in the show............
and more..........the following is HAND quilted!

March on, inspiration! later, Patsy

Monday, September 15, 2008

Beauty to the Eye

Outside, nature provides us many interesting shots of beauty all the time. You just have to look through the view finder.
My cranberry bush is dripping in berries.
This is what this small maple looks like already. It is uplifting every time I am walking out to the cabin. Don't worry if you're coming in October. They aren't all turned this color yet. Just the stressed ones.
This booth was just a marvel to behold. It was jaw-dropping to me as I loved the colors.
They win my personal "booth award" but look what they had to work with. It was Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods.
They were even featured in Country Living magazine.
Next time we will visit the quilt is just a tease.....
How's that for tiny, insane pieces!

Later, Patsy

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Open Gate" quilt Designs Weekend

Ballyseede 61"x80" by Open Gate
Monique and Sue had a wonderful weekend working on this quilt as their weekend project. Some gals did their own color combos, some did the kit of the class sample. This was a weekend ago.

Here are some of the results.

And here is some other goodies appearing around the room.
You can see more of Monique and Sue's things here at Bundles and Bolts.
Later this week I will show you a few of the quilts that caught my eye at the Quilt Expo in Madison. I actually got to spend over 5 hours going through everything on Friday. What a treat! Next year I am going to do the same!
Enjoy the rainy day = what's left of her. Patsy