Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A brisk morning walk down the road

When you can sleep with the windows open, the air conditioning off, and are on the cusp of a National Holiday........

well life can't get much better than this. Here in Wisconsin we are enjoying the tease of what's to come. With the cool, less humid weather. The earth is begging for rain and I try to answer their prayers by nightly waterings. I have even been watering my 15 year old trees. We have not had rain for weeks.

Some large maples and oaks in the area are beginning to drop their leaves, or are starting to change to Fall colors already - because they are so stressed.

The sun flowers in our upper field seem to be doing ok. Much shorter than other years but still blooming. It is funny, our sunflowers don't turn their heads like some full sun fields. They keep looking down towards us and the retreat. Guess the view is better.

If it weren't for the morning dew, we wouldn't have any moisture.

Isn't this spider web in the grass awsome?

And the blades of grass?

Well, back home again and back from vacation. Enjoy your day, patsy

Birthday Celebration @ a friend's

Happy 50th, Cindy! I didn't get any pics of people but your Mom and Dad's place is a photographer's paradise! You are special to them and to everyone who came to wish you well that day!
I hope you enjoy the pics of their yard.

They have a strong spring coming into their pond and the runoff powers the waterwheel. Nice, huh?
Love this bug made of a tractor seat and drinking cup. Cindy's folks are in the cattle business.
Happy 50th! You EARNED it!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekends Show n Tell

You know, I joined a guild once - just to see the Show N Tell every week. Since the internet, this is kinda like that every week. Ain't it fun?

We had a great mix of talents, some new quilters, some veterans, some cross -stitchers.

and a few more...........

Well, that does it for this week's show n tell. Till next time, enjoy the cool fall air in August! Patsy

Friday, August 22, 2008

What is it? Bird or Insect?

One of the retreat ladies was out for a stroll and happened upon this creature. She came inside to ask me what it was and what she was describing was foreign to me. I went outside to take a look grabbing my camera of course.

Well, I never seen anything like this creature before. It navigated like a hummingbird but had antennas and insect legs - no feet. It was feeding on nectar of the white phlox perennial.
So I went inside and looked it up on the internet. This is what it is. A "Hummingbird Clearwing Moth". What a fine speciman it was. It had a lobster like tail and didn't seem to mind us talking and getting close up photos.
Aren't nature's creatures just amazing? Just when you think you've seen it all. Me at 51 years old, never seen this before? Wow!

Wisconsin Retreat Attendees

We had an entire retreat full of Wisconsin folks - one moved to Florida but just recently. She came back for the retreat though.
Some were working on garments.....

Show and tell was a feast! for the eyes!

Thank you Mary! .........

More to see.....
This is from our guild meeting's show n tell:.

Friday, August 15, 2008

How much "stuff" does a person 'NEED'?

Setting sun at the Chapel after church services last night.

After I compile all the recent purchases, and while they wait to merge into my 'collections', there comes a sensability over myself.
Honestly, how much STUFF does a person really need? It is like a sickness. I have gone to auctions where there is wagon after wagon of STUFF that folks have accumulated in their lifetime. They reach a certain age and start unloading it or they die and the poor relatives unload it. Then the STUFF recirculates and distributes itself to others' homes for awhile. A cycle of life. (The spam piggy bank is for Brady, my son) running joke about spam.
Sometimes I go for weeks or months not getting a thing. And then I just can't stop myself. The unstable economy must get my hoarding insticts on red alert and there I go again.
These polyester double knit pants were a kick and in Marty's size too. We love Halloween so maybe they'll show up with Marty in them some morning for breakfast.
The label on these called them "hand warmers" It has a wick in them.

'Fancy work' was everywhere today.
The little dolly just begged me to take her home so I took her in my arms and told her I would find her some dolly clothes long packed away from Stacy. I never did have a 'girly girl' so all of my doll clothes are in great condition.
Well, I better go merge this stuff and collect my thoughts.
Have a great weekend everyone! Patsy

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Junking again

Was it ever fun to visit my favorite local stops to pick up a few nice things. The one store I had to wait for it to open and was undecided for a few seconds on whether I should wait or not? Well, I'm glad I did because they had a 35% off everything in the store day. They do this unannouced about once a month to keep inventory managable. Don't you wish some quilt shops would do that?
Anyway, this was my bootie for the week.

an amateur painting was amongst a pile of them by the same person. I liked this one fine.

I'm a sucker for these old coat hooks that just screw into the wood. The truck is my future "MaryJane Pin Cushion"

Bark cloth at $1 per curtain panel. I don't get deals like that everyday - Oh, and then 35% off that. And I have been drooling over those clothespins on ebay since ebay began. But always too much money. Except today plus the discount. What a find!
Tomorrow I will check out a different county......happy hunting, Patsy