Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Great Tribute

In memory of Sue B, their Mom, Lindsay and Jenny came to the Homestead along with Sue's friends to celebrate the life of a wonderful lady.  
Look at these cute jammies.  The two quilt tops below were made from their Mom's favorite clothes that the girls had great memories of.  From her favorite pajamas to her coat.  They tell me their brother has a matching tattoo.  What wonderful girls you both are!  She IS proud of you - I'm sure of it!

Here are most of this week's group.  
                                             Thanks everyone for another GREAT weekend!  

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I can't stand the heat!!

Spring at the retreat - it wasn't that long ago.  How I'd love this weather back today.  I am not a 'summer' gal.
Today the weather is upper 80's again.  

I ran across this photo of the bras and it always makes me smile.  

Fall is wonderful looking back 
and forward.

Stay cool everybody!  

**If you are coming to the retreat this summer, and usually travel up Hwy 14 to Spring Green,
be aware that that route is under construction and is CLOSED till Fall I think.  The detour is taking you on HWY 12 .   email for details if you are scheduled to come this summer.  I will include the Hwy 12 directions that I travel when I go to Madison.  (Hwy 12, Hwy 60, Cty B, Hwy 23, Cty GG, Cty G = you're there)  There is still an easy way to get to Country Sampler in Spring Green so don't worry there.  

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lavender Springs Farm by Loganville

Lavender Springs Farm is located just 1 mile off of Hwy 23 - just East of Loganville. is E6172A Sunrise Road, Loganville, WI  53943 for your GPS to lead you there.  They are open Tue-Sat 10-7, Sunday noon-4

Their Mission Statement:  to create a place of Inspiration of Education and Discovery. To provide an experience that is out of the ordinary by today's standards, yet at the same time reminiscent of traditions that are centuries old.  To continue to seek treasure in historic heirlooms, in folklore and American Craftsmanship.  And more importantly in people.  

They sell heirloom plants, goats milk soaps, heat pillows, sugar scrubs, All things Lavender, Honey, Spice blends, teas, Garden gifts, and Loitering is Recommended!  

Stop and take a look.  The setting is inside an old dairy barn. 
You're sure to be Charmed!  
Thanks Jacquie and Red

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Changing the Horizon

The blades awaiting to be hoisted up.  It is a Monitor Windmill made by the Baker Manufacturing company of Evansville  Wisconsin.
Going up the middle of the road with the stand
Juice shut his eyes so I wouldn't see him in the jeep.  Concrete bags for planting the windmill legs.  

Some blooms around the grounds.   

The next time you come to the Homestead, you may notice a change on the horizon. I finally found and Marty fixed and repaired this rusty old windmill. Many of you know that I have been looking many years for one. It is not actually pumping water but it could be - as Marty fixed all the parts. I have yet to paint the windmill vane but I'm working on it.  The circular blades and vane will be lifted by a small crane when I get it done. 

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beautiful June Weekend

Some of the gals from this weekend.  Thanks to all who came this weekend.  What a 'wooly' group you were!  I loved it!  Dyed this wool with kool aid below.  Recycling at it's finest!

A little jet lag spent on the deck......

Some bushes that are currently blooming outside the retreat. 

Thanks ladies!  Have a great Father's Day weekend - I have off !!