Friday, November 27, 2009


It really did snow the other night. Started about 10pm but was gone by morning.
Good thing I went out to play in it , that night.
A little b.s.-ing before the opening day of deer season.
**notice the new curtains I just put up. Got them at Yore in Gotham.
deer camp .......................
the younguns, niece, nephews, and cousins.

Writing in the Deer Camp Journal.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


One thing's for sure. I will NOT be here.........................................


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ready for the guys......

O.K. the cabin is de - womanized and ready. The pink quilts are off the beds and the red plaid is "On".

I'm still taking down "Fall" but I did re-do the mantel above the fireplace.
So, is airing of the ORANGE the same as airing of the quilts? I don't think so.
The plaid is ready................................
My Christmas wreath is wearing a temporary sign for two weeks.

Let the games begin. . . . . .
I DID start to decorate a little in my own house.
Now I have decided to repaint the living room during my time off so this will have to come down temporarily. At least I settled on a color. Stay tuned for 'after' pics. (currently the living room is a bright yellow) never did like it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

November Pot Luck weekend

The last quilters before deer hunting.
This week we had a PotLuck where each person helped with just one meal. I especially enjoy these because I can sew with everyone the entire weekend. It was made up of many small groups of folks. There were scrap bookers from Sauk Prairie, and very pregnant Dayna from Dubuque and Danica from Chicago , some from near Madison, and some local girls. What fun!!!
Thanks to Kim from last week, I have chosen the little postcard mats to send out to my family for their Christmas card this year.

What fun. From judging the "Ugliest Scrap book item" and trying to stay up as late as the scrappers. Couldn't do it. Watching a newbee quilter progress to completing her first block.
Getting teary eyed when someone showed and told about a memorial quilt she made for a woman who lost her husband at an early age, then lost her son to a car accident and now is in her own battle for her health. It is NOT about the quilting. It never was. IT is about the lives we as women SHARE and the struggles through life that we all experience. It is sharing stories that drive you to tears and stories that are peeee-your-pants funny. Without the friendship of women, we would shrivel up and die. The best advice I can give young girls is, NEVER give up your girlfriends for any man. Make room for all of them. OOOPpsss. Just fell off my soap box. Next post is how the testosterone has taken over the Homestead Cabin Retreat. -patsy