Monday, March 30, 2009

Platte Branch Design Co.

My Featured Pattern Designers:
Meet Belinda and Jan from DesMoines, Iowa. Yes, I mentioned these sisters a bit yesterday, but they have their own story to tell. About 4 years ago, they joined talents and began marketing their own pattern line. What I thought unique and special about their patterns was that you get directions and specifics for all different sized quilts. You don't have to stop and do the math to make a king from a throw sized pattern. Isn't that fabulous? For us non-math folks it is (me).
Below is the Rhapsody pattern with little pinwheel centers. Besides all that, most of their patterns give different ways to set the blocks so you might have 3 different arrangements which totally change the look. All from one pattern.
The appliqued center quilt below is the Summer Blues pattern.
Check out their website to learn more about them and where you can find their patterns. They also do mail order. They didn't have all their samples with them, but take a look at these.

The red/cream/blue above and this white and light blue quilt is made from the Tilt-a-whirl pattern.

This one is monkey something. Don't you love what she did to the back? This is Jefferson Township.

and this is Square Dance.

Thanks for looking. Contact these designers and show them your support.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A memory filled weekend

I would like to pay tribute to a wonderful woman we lost this past November. I met her just a couple of times as a part of the Sarah's Grove Quilt Guild. She was one of those kind, gentle, and soft spoken women that just stick with you once you meet them. Her name is Lois.

I have had the pleasure to meet three of her wonderful daughters now and this past weekend they all got together and returned to the Homestead Cabin. This time with an emptiness I'm sure - without their mom. But to create new memories with Belinda being her first visit. So if walls can talk, then too, I believe they can hold fond memories of those that have graced their presence. She is one of those great memories. The miniature quilt is a project Lois did. She wove fabric to create the tumbling block design.
Belinda, Jan, and Barb - thank you.
Also joining Sarah's Grove guild were some great new friends from the Marshall area, Vernon Hills, and Fall Creek/Las Vegas.
Thanks ladies for a great weekend.

There were lots of different projects going on around the room. Some adorable bunnies, some tomato pin cushions, quilts with sparkles, table toppers, a T shirt quilt, batik's, civil war, brights, pastels. Oh My!

This wall hanging and the detail of 3-D piping and points
There were lots of cute pin cushions this weekend. The guild group was making these tomatoes. Last year they made the stacked flowers.
This Alaskan quilt was embellished with sparkled jewels. Very nice Brynda.

*****During this week I have more quilts from this weekend from a pair of sisters that joined forces and are pattern designers. Some of their work later.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March color madness

Take off your coat and enjoy the weekend's bounty.

There was alot of color to behold.
This beautiful duet from Kathy and Donna.
My pin cushions of the week...... ....and my favorite notion of the week. More like notion holder.

More feast for the eyes......

A work in progress but I love it!