Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunny day in Paradise

Juice and Maxi are really enjoying the 60's+ weather lately. I couldn't get Juice to leave his sunny pillow to come in and eat. You know he was liking soaking up the rays then!
Sarah's Grove quilt guild left gifts while they were here. They gave all their attendees gifts so I was lucky enough to partake. The fabric thing is a basket liner. Thanks girls!
Today I am off to grocery shop. And maybe visit some thrift stores in the area too. It makes grocery shopping bearable with an ulterior motive.
This is the ironing board I covered for a bulletin board in my office. Stapled a cutter quilt piece along the edges in the back and surface screwed it to the wall. Kind of tricky when you go to screw it in - the quilt wants to get caught and twist so be careful if you do this.

I have it set up so everyone can leave comments now on the blog - not just members so drop me a line. I never know if anyone is reading me or not! Thanks, Patsy


Chris said...

Oh yes, I check your blog every day and so love it. Haven't had a chance to sew much lately as my mom is now in hospice care and am driving 1-2 times a week to their house to help care for her and the house. Your blog is my escape!!!

Anonymous said...

We're gonna git-r-done... you know what I'm talking about. SIDEKICK.

Debbie said...

I look forward to your blogs, Patsy. Almost as good as being there. I read the blog that included a picture of Penny Brite. I still have my Penny Brite doll. So many of your blogs bring back memories. Keep it up.

Debbie :)

kfair said...

Love the title of this blog "sunny day in paradise" - Patsy, any day at Homestead Cabin is a "day in paradise" in my definition ;o)
Karen in Richland Center