Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deer Camp show n tell

Many of you retreat goers know that I am off my usual schedule due to "Deer Camp" when my husband takes over the retreat with his brothers, friends, and ours sons.

In all fairness to cover what happens here, this is their Show n Tell so bear with me if you aren't into this sort of thing. This is our son, Brady proud of his 9 point buck. He said he hadn't bagged a buck since 13 years ago so he was due. We do not shoot for the thrill only. We eat the meat as well, sometimes making jerky, canning some, and freezing some. We also do what's called "Herd Management" on the 700+ organic acres, where you let the young bucks go and let them grow up into very large bucks (takes 4 years). They figure this one was 3 3/4 years old. Close enough.

**I am still working on that 2" square postage stamp quilt off and on. I am affraid that I will probably have to wait till next weekend to finish it, however.
I have been busy decorating for Christmas - our guild Xmas Party is monday night already so I have been working on ladders like crazy. I will give you a photo tour very soon! - patsy

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Marty and I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. This holiday often gets overshadowed with the onset of Christmas and the ending of Halloween/Fall and I often thought how sad it is that folks were missing out.
THANKSgiving is so important and we often don't reflect on our many blessings. I am guilty of dwelling on the small stuff - the worries.
So here I am reminding myself and everyone to take the time to reflect on the things to be Thankful for. I want to thank all of you for being a part of my life - whether you are a guest here at the retreat, a faithful reader of this blog, or a friend or relative. I appreciate all of you.
And a thanks to my Mom who is pictured here making dinner rolls for Thanksgiving feast. At the age of 91, she still makes the best bread.
She was working so fast, I apologize for the blurry photo.
Happy 'giv'en !!! Patsy

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jump into Winter for a bit

I just got Fall put away for crying out loud! Look what we woke up to today? **It is suppose to be 40 degrees later this week so short lived I'm sure. Sure was a Wonderland while it lasted!

There was a little activity in the 'Hunter Haven' yesterday. Take a look. This one was bagged by Red - M's brother.
Guess this means they'll be the shuffling of heads on the cabin wall once again.

I took a mental break yesterday and worked on a puzzle.
Me thinks me needs more than one day! Patsy

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ode to Fall

I am bidding a fond farewell to Autumn and I'm putting it all away in the tubs and boxes in my closet.

As I was doing this, it was so appropriate that the power (electricity) went off for a couple hours. So I got out my candles and stoked up the fire and proceeded to take a nap. I was just drifting off when I heard everything kick on again. Dang - it was kinda fun while it lasted. Oh yeah, it was while the snow squalls were coming down.

Here are a few shots of the guests that I hosted this past weekend. We had some 'first timers' and they were young 'scrappers'. It was great having their enthusiasm in the room. You think quilters come with alot of "stuff". You should have seen scrapbookers "stuff"!!

They each got points for putting up with us old folks. And for providing us each with daily goody bags - thanks much!

This is an old quilt that Amy brought.

I was a guest myself so guess what I worked on ? Here is the start of it all.......
I began fusing the 2"squares to the grid. It went along very well, once I layed them onto the correct side :) Thanks Karen

I am still working on this project but I'm sure to have at least one top together this next week. I recommend this fusable grid to anyone working with small squares. Sure beats sewing each tiny square together! I am thinking of using it for scrappy borders on another quilt too. You see, I have a FEW squares left over!!!

More projects from last weekend.....
Thanks everyone! Patsy

Monday, November 17, 2008

Last week's Retreaters

I am behind on showing the work of the guests last week. Some were finishing up Christmas gifts. How is everybody doing on that? I do have a few openings if anyone wants to come December 5th Weekend. It is discounted at $150+Tax and is a pot luck weekend where everyone just brings for one meal.

Call for details.

Here are some of the neat projects being done.

and more.

Thanks, till next time, Patsy

Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Fabric Liquidation Sale

I know some of you are too far away to come to these sales but it is important that those that can come, hear about this one.
The following information was taken from an email from Linda Halpin. She was a dear friend of Jeanne's and was asked by Jeanne to liquidate her sewing items. Linda has taken on this huge undertaking and sold over 10 car loads already.
Sadly, Jeanne Freymiller Neff, the wonderful lady who owned all of this fabric, passed away after a 4 year battle with cancer. It has been a tough time for her family, with both of her parents having died earlier in the year, and her mother-in-law dying unexpectedly the day after Jeanne's funeral. To say the least, it has been a lot to deal with.
So truly, there will be lots for you to choose from.
The dates have been set for the Jeanne Freymiller Studio Liquidation at her home.Included in the sale are massive amounts of of cottons, velvets, flannels, cords, fleece, wool, Japanese fabrics, hand dyed fabrics, quilt tops, machines, tools, yarn, and much, much more. It is hard to express just how much is truly there.
Mark your calendar, pull together a carload (or a caravan!) of people, and come.

Saturday, November 15, 2008 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008 from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Friday, November 21, 2008 from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Saturday, November 22, 2008 from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.

All of this is before Thanksgiving. We will have a special section, where gallon size bags of scraps from projects started (odd size pieces) will be a $1 per bag, with all proceeds from the the Pink Bags being donated to the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure, to fight breast cancer.
Fabric is $3 per yard. (new, unwashed, never been used). Because of the quantity available, the most efficient way to deal with this is to sell the new fabric by the pound. There is approximately 4 yards in a pound (varies depending on the weight and thickness of the fabric) but with this average in mind, the fabric is $12 per pound.
We have pieces ranging in size from 1/8 yd. to 12 yard pieces. Everything is priced to go.
Older fabric that may have been cut into for some of her projects is packaged into bags and is even less. If possible, bring your own tote bags, although we will have some bags available.

Jeanne's home is at 14049 Hwy 60 in Blue River, WI, between Muscoda and Boscobel. (20 min. from Richland Center, 1 hr W of Madison, 1 hr NE of Dubuque). Once you get on Hwy 60, her driveway is across from Combs Cemetary Road. The house is set back from the road, so you will need to watch for the driveway. Coming from Muscoda, it is .7 miles past the BP gas station in Port Andrew, on the left. Coming from Boscobel, it is 1 mile past Clark Realty, on the right.

Questions? Contact me at (This is Linda Halpin the organizer of the sale)

Cancer is something that has touched us all, and we all worry about what will happen to our quilt stash once we pass on. Help Jeanne's treasures find a good home. Spread the word about the sale dates. Tell your quilt guilds. Tell your quilting friends. Come, come, come! There will be lots of workers to assist with the day and help make your shopping more enjoyable. I hope to see you there. Thank you Linda! Patsy

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bonnie Hunter visit to our little Corner of the World

Thanks to everyone who attended the Bonnie Hunter Lecture/Trunk Show on monday, November 10th.
It was "Spectacular! Best money I ever spent! Wonderful show! Thank you!" were just some of the comments as folks were going back home to look at their 'stash' in a new light.
One after another quilt was just as jaw dropping as the last one she showed. I have seen some of these quilts on her website but to see them in person is a real eye opener.
Thanks Jim and Marty for letting us use your upper arm strength!

and Thank you Bonnie for the wonderful giving person you are for sharing your passion with us!
I enjoyed hosting you for your short visit here at the Homestead Cabin Retreat
I will show you some close up shots of some of these gems.
A whole new light bulb went "on" after seeing her backs of the quilts.
So the next time the 'Quilt Police' come knocking on the door, ask yourself "Why NOT?" instead of "I can't do that." Patsy