Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quilt Diva's Mid Week Group

Many hands make light work. This antique restoration project reminded me of the 'quilting bees' back in the days. And to think this quilt almost got thrown out by a non quilter. Good Save.

I have convinced the mid week group to sign on for a weekend so they are the last pioneers to ever have experienced a mid week retreat. **I offered mid week retreat possibilities back when I wasn't so busy- three years ago. Now it is too much for me to handle. Fortunately they agreed so I can see what they're up to next year again.

** They are always doing something interesting. Like the black and white and brights quilt they have planned**.

Had to show you what the gutters are looking like today. The plants on the lower end are obviously taking advantage of more moisture. They are much bigger on this lower end.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sister's Weekend

It started with a sunset like this. With perfect cool weather and friends like these.
The laughter was non stop and I loved it!

Four 'sisters' project / Nancy's Japanese quilt / Lorna star quilt

Sometimes I do get to sew AND I do get a thing done. This top is Pinny+Pa.
The camera crew. They were everywhere this weekend.
Pincushion of the day
and this one too.
Maxi loved hanging with the girls.

More pin cushions - cake and crow.
Amy made these clear bags for 'stuff' like projects, kids toys, etc. She designed the pattern and sells them.
She gave all the sisters a couple patterns. Thanks

Creativity was oosing from folks. I love being a part of this group every year. I never want to leave the room as I fear I will miss something. It was all good. From sipping wine/beer on the deck in the cool weather, to giggling to the wee hours of the morning. Oh, yeah. Sewing on projects was secondary. It always is, isn't it? Thanks for the pot luck so I get to enjoy the entire weekend too!!
Thanks to all the 'sisters' who shared this weekend. And special thanks for my sister, for sharing it all with me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Purging the house

I do eventually purge OUT almost as much as I bring IN to the house. It is a 'healthy' balance.
Monday, it all started with the closet that is off of my office. A friend and I always talk about how 'clutter' is disturbing subconsciously, sooooooo I thought it was time for 'Easter' to fit back into the storage closet. BUT, in order for it to fit, there had to be some purging, reorganizing, and clean up. It took all day, but it did fit.
Tuesday, it was on to my office (was done, but with Wednesday's cleaning it got messy again).
I also cleaned and purged junk from the bedroom. Now on Wednesday, the living room and spare bedroom had a turn. Not totally done in either but O.K. for now.
I actually have the back of the car full once again to donate to charity.
I even started a box with things for Shiny Bubbles.
This coming weekend is our annual Sister's Weekend Potluck!! Yippee. I get to sew.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Retreat w/September weather

It was actually too cold outside until finally sunday, we could enjoy outdoor dining.
Three sisters made these 3 sisters blocks. Fantastic memories girls!
A work in progress above.

The alphabet quilt, Karen's grandson colored in the letters that Karen had drawn. Then he drew something for each letter. Q for quilt.

The teapot quilt is a little doll quilt that 'Gramma' is hand quilting for a grand daughter. She makes one for every grand daughter each year.

I love the sentiment inside this water bottle. If we as women could give advice to the young girls of today - and they would listen - this would be it!

Thanks Debbie for letting your Penny Brite visit this weekend. It is good to see someone else grew up treasuring her. Thanks for another great weekend.