Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baskets, Mittens, Paintings, Quilts, Rugs

Variety makes for an interesting retreat! A group of friends from a Milwaukee school district - some retired, some not.....enjoyed another fun weekend along with some friends from Whitewater and Kenosha. Come to think of it - it was a very RARE weekend because everyone was from Wisconsin!

A look at quilting through the bottom of a wine glass. (with some scrumptious berries)

Another fine use for strips of fabric!

I am thrilled that more folks are spending time around the fireplace this year. Some bring hand projects, some just enjoy the moment! It is soooooo relaxing!!

This basket was made by a guest - last year. This year she was making new things!

Mittens and quilty things.

This is art influenced by quilters...........a painting !

and an artist taking a break.

First time quilter - I think she's got 'it'!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last Weekends Retreat Attendees

I loved this pin cushion.......I've got it on my list to make...

Ok, back to quilting stuff......
The past weekend was a blast with many first time retreaters.
Some were scrappers, some counted cross stitch, some just chillin out, and of course the rest quilters.

But there was so much going on at any given moment. Sitting by the fire, popping popcorn the old fashion way, playing cards, tasting wine from a very tall bottle.

and a few projects that caught my eye.......

Monday, January 19, 2009

A New HOPE is coming!

It is not often I share polical views in public, but one just can not dismiss this historical, larger than life event we are about to become part of.

We all remember what we were doing when Kennedy was shot. What we were doing when the space shuttle blew up. And sadly what we were doing when the planes flew into the towers. So take your place in history and set the stage for Tuesday noon. Gather with those you hold dearest to you and witness the spectacular event of the United States of America unfolding like a rosebud opening for the first time.

Can't you feel it? It is Hope. Such a powerful feeling in this gloom and doom decade. Just a few more hours of darkness into the shining HOPE !
I dusted off a shoebox of my kid's memorabilia I found in a cupboard put away long ago. In it was this political button. It says, "I'm Proud to be an American" and I am wearing it today, tomorrow, and who knows? For HOPE in me was buried long ago, and I think it is once again, coming to the surface. IT is weak and will need lots of nurturing but I am putting all my hope in this man's hands.
He is my god here on this sad and abused earth. I am counting on him to pull us up out of this mess we're in and unite us to help one another. For when we begin helping others, then and only then, will we be able to help ourselves. My faith is strong. The song that a friend shared seen here, reaffirms in me, that I am not alone. Many feel the way I do.
And I will be watching this country quench it's thirst Tuesday at noon. Quench it's thirst with something so powerful, no one else can give. We Americans don't need stimulous checks to renew our faith and get this country off on the right foot.......we will receive the biggest gift in our pockets this Tuesday at noon!
The gift of HOPE!

God Bless America !!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Area Liquidation Fabric Sale.-in memory

Jeanne, area quilter/fabric all of us.....passed away after a battle with breast cancer.
Linda Halpin has been working for months to liquidate her collection.
The last two liquidation sales in memory of Jeanne Frymiller Neff.....will be this weekend and next weekend. Saturday, Jan 17th and Saturday, Jan 24th from 9am - 4pm.
1/8 yard to 1 yard lengths in these bins. Cotton Fabrics are $3 a yard or/weigh cottons at check out for $12 a pound. quilt tops for sale too.

Over 2 dozen 3" thick notebooks full of quilt magazines. Also a 6 foot expanse of loose magazines to choose from.

One - ten yard length pieces of fabric in these bins.

8 large bins of WOOL scraps.

Strips of wool prcut for rug braiding, larger wool pieces, African fabric, velveteens, fake fur, lots of texture fabrics. Bags on the right are $3 - $5 bags of scaps.
**************Other items not in photos.......Corduroy yardage, fleece yardage, napkins, placemats, tablecloths, new drapery panels, hand-dyed cottons and wools, designer fabrics, Japanese silks, African and Australian fabrics, dozens of Men's neckties, lots and lots of yarn for knitting (some worsted, some bulky, and some specialty yarns)
Patterns: clothing,crafts, quilts
Books: quilting, knitting, crocheting, rug making to name a few
Fancy Fabrics: velvets, sequined, embossed,
Fur: both fake and real (she use to make teddy bears)
*Location: The house number is 14049 Hwy 60, Blue River, WI.
GPS describes it as State Route 60.

Once you get on Hwy 60, if you are coming from Richland Center , it is .7miles or 7/10 of a mile beyond the bp Gas Station on the corner of Hwy 60 and County Route T in Port Andrew. Continue past the gas station on Hwy 60. The driveway is on the left, just past a large patch of trees. The house is set back in behind trees and is not visable from the road. It is across from a gravel pit, and across from Combe Cemetery Road (a very small dirt road).
If you are coming from the Boscobel/Gays Mills direction, it is on Hwy 60 , 1 mile past Clark Realty. The driveway will be on the right. There will be a sign by the driveway the day of sale.

**If you are local and can stop , thanks alot, Patsy

Monday, January 12, 2009

.....doth BLOW !!!!!

Brace yourselves today......they're saying coldest in 10 years!! Wind chills that is .

I sure hope there aren't any robins left around here but I hope the other birds find shelter here in the woods. Bring the dogs inside if they are out!
I did just that this past weekend. Though it wasn't that cold.
I sure enjoyed the laughter around the fireplace! I encourage everyone who is coming during the winter, to bring a hand project to take a break from the sewing machine and gather 'round the hearth.

I sure appreciate the Pot Luck weekends now and again so I can

be a guest in my own retreat. Besides lengthening the patio door drapes, I sort of finished this embroidered piece. I bought the kit because I so loved it, then I take it home and change it. I moved two panels together and downsized the flying geese to surround the scene. It greatly changed the pattern but I never seem to follow one anyway. I like how it turned out. It may hang under the wine glasses someday.

Diane had fun teaching us to make snowflakes ....These are not your ordinary snowflakes!!!
Mine is the bottom one.
Take a closer look..................

Other projects folks shared with us over the weekend.....

So stay warm, grab your favorite beverage, get cozy and put your feet up!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm In Print!!! again!!! a national magazine.........

On page 87 is the article.

Easier to read:

The magazine will be in stores in a few days.

Book stores carry it. A few grocery chains have it too.

Those who subscribe are getting them now. It is the February/March issue.

**It is a well written article stating how we came to be, and how retreats are the new "Quilting Bees". It even includes my website!! The way they wrote it, heck, I even want to go here! So if you're thinking of booking some of the few remaining weekends that are open - might be best to get your name signed up asap. Who knows where this might go?

It is so exciting!!!!

Next I will try to get in a quilt magazine!

Thanks to my friend Susan - this happened.