Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Little peepers are in the store

I am always smitten to see this rite of Spring. You could hear this display all throughout the store. Felt sorry for the employees who worked all day and had to listen to that. As soon as the lady takes them from the box with holes in, she dips each one's beak into the water dish and then lets them go and they usually go under the light to stay warm. They were selling lots of them and the "Chick Starter" feed to go with them. Big delight to the kids. I couldn't help myself when a Dad asked his 3 year old if he wanted to see the birds. I told him "Of course he does. He wants to see where chicken nuggets come from."
I did NOT buy any. I was there to buy Laying Hen feed.
Good girl, Patsy for refraining!


darlynn said...

Really Patsy, how can something soooo cute turn into a ho hum chicken??? I know some would argue that chickens can be quite attractive in their own way, but PLEASE......

(they sure are cute though, aren't they? almost makes me want to live where i can raise some.)

Debbie said...

These pictures so remind me of growing up on the farm. I remember going to our feed co-op and bringing home chicks with my mom.

I enjoy your blogs, Patsy.