Friday, April 11, 2008

Farmhouse kitchen sink curtains

I "do" get to sew sometime. A week ago, I made these 'curtains' for my under-the-sink space out in the retreat. They are made from kitchen towels that I bought at the General Store in Spring Green, WI. The one space is longer so I bought a coordinating towel to cut apart and add inches to the top and bottom. I folded over the tops to make a channel. Then I measured wrong so I had to add some stripes to the top too. It looks good too.
Previously I strung wire (that you hang pictures with) from one screw on each end. One end I attached a pop tab from a soda can. OK, maybe it was a beer tab. With the soda tab end of the wire, I string it through the channel of each towel panel and then I wrap it around a wood screw that is not screwed in all the way. Crude , huh? But it works.
Did you notice what is peeking out behind my roll away wastebasket? It is the secret stash, well not so secret anymore. Some are leftover remnants from retreaters and deer hunters.
off to sew a bit tonight.......Patsy

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