Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Homestead Under the Stars"

"Homestead Under the Stars"

They're ready! Well, almost. Just a few written modifications yet.....

Want to commemorate your stay @ the Homestead Cabin Retreat?

I have put together a 1850's quilt kit (that's how old the original cabin is)
Kit comes with the cute reproduction wooden sewing drawer with handles. There will be a choice of different border colors.
Size of completed top is 69" x 81". (Bonnie Blue Pattern Included) w/Patsy modifications
Includes 22 fat quarters, and two borders. These will be available at the retreat. Sorry - NOT shipping them.
Juice and Sophie were sharing a nap next to each other. I had brought in Juice's outside bed due to rain and Sophie thought it was just for her. Juice has an old crib mattress from a thrift store. This is especially nice if you have a large older dog. And they practically give them away since most folks buy new crib mattresses for a baby.
Take care, Patsy

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Debbie said...

I LOVE it!!! Thought it was beautiful on the frame and it is beautiful hanging. Good work Patsy. I'll have to watch the cancellation list for fall so I can get up there and get a kit.