Friday, March 7, 2008

Thrift shops finds for the day

Oh how I love to go antiquing. The thrill of the hunt just gets my soul racing! Here is what I found today . The iron's cord is like knew - havn't plugged it in yet. The metal knitting needles I figured could be used to hang a little wall hanging quilt.

And the thermos just jumped in the cart with me. It will either show up for a picnic display for August or maybe the September back-to-school display.

I don't know what it is about little kids chairs but I am a sucker for them. Just can't seem to pass them up. These two will find my way outside in the flower garden since they are metal. And only $1 each!

This is what Juice does most of his day. When I die, I'd enjoy coming back as a dog lover's dog like myself. The other photo was the night we had a thunder storm. Polly was scared and hides in the bathroom. She usually scoots under a piesafe in the bathroom, but I was late with the camera for that.
all for now, patsy


darlynn said...

Love seeing Polly and Juice!! And really Patsy....a scale??? I try really hard to avoid those!!!

Chris said...

I love keeping up with you and seeing what is happening at my home away from home. Polly scared? When we went on our walk that day she seemed so fearless...