Monday, March 10, 2008

Icicles hanging on

I had to run to Richland Center today to get this years cookbooks printed. I really went to get these photos. I saw a bald eagle up close and personal too but didn't get my camera out of the case fast enough. These are the icicles that are hanging around all winter. The photos don't show it much but depending on the minerals, some are a aqua blue color, some plain, some tan/brown. Very cool. heh.

This week we are almost balmy!
It is to be in the 40 degree range for a few. I am totally liking this! Only one more weekend and I get a break! As if painting and fixing on a house is a break, but I look forward to it. I havn't seen son, Brady's new house yet. Only a five hour drive and I'll be rolling up my sleeves. Marty said he heard a robin this morning. He never did 'see' it so he wasn't for sure. Keep watching for those signs of Spring!! Patsy

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