Thursday, March 27, 2008

March Retreaters Projects

The next few quilt projects were from the group the St. Patty's day weekend.

This wool Santa project is something that I just fell in love with.
It combines embroidery with wool! Both dear to my creative soul.

These 3 small projects were right up my alley as well. Might have to make me a few of these. Smaller projects are back on my plate again. Perhaps it's because my plate is so full, that is all the room I have?

The bedroom is the room my sister and I redid for our Mother awhile back. I wanted to show you the handquilted quilt. I bought it at an Amish auction which I believe is coming up the first weekend in June. Contact me for details if you want to come. They sell over 400 quilts that day! Some go for under $100 and the most I seen spent was $450. They sell in a big tent and you bring your own chairs.
The quilting on this one was exquisite! Oh yeah, you get to look at the quilts before they hold them up to bid on. The auction sells Amish furniture and baskets of hanging plants too. All the local wares.
Patsy at the Homestead - enjoying the warm, melty weather today.

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