Saturday, March 15, 2008

Busy Weekend

Check this out

This weekend is flying by.

This is just some of the beautiful 'eye candy' that graced the Retreat this weekend. Just take a look at the teeny tiny log cabin. I wanted to slip it in my pocket, but I wanted her to finish it first. He, he, he. It will be 9 blocks when completed.

The 'virgin retreaters' initiation was fun! This week they(those here before) had a plan. And executed it perfectly I am told. There was one car load of gals racing to get here on friday night. They arrived about 8:30pm after working a full day. They unloaded their car and got set up. They were just going to start sewing. Then, unbenounced to them, Denise rings the bell, announced to everyone, "bed time", and procedes to shut the lights out. This is at 9:00pm! Everyone else (in on the prank) shut their machines off and went to get their pajamas on. I am not sure who let them in on it finally, but they were 'kept in the dark' for about 5 minutes. They were thinking to themselves, "my machine has a light on it and they were going to stay up and sew!". Later, I found out that they didn't know Denise and thought she was me, Patsy, the owner.

This was just too funny! I think it was A First here at the retreat. But then I don't hear of all the evening pranks that go on.

Lots of work did get done too. And a major shopping trip into Spring Green's Country Sampler. It was nice of them to help out Spring Green's economy. 16 women went!

My cranberry scones are made for breakfast, so I better get to bed. And it really is 9pm. Saturdays wipe me out - in the kitchen since early morning. And then I forgot the buns for lunch today so went to town at 6:30am and back in the kitchen by 8:30am ! Nighty night, patsy

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threecats said...

Patsy, I love reading your blog. It is just fun and "homey", just like the retreat. We'll be coming in 2 weeks, and I can't wait!