Thursday, March 6, 2008

Office Clutter gone *snap* just like that...

Boy, it's true. If you declutter your living space, you really do declutter your soul. While Marty was gone up north, I rearranged my office area and added some badly needed tabletop space. Upon his return, I had some hefty he-man jobs waiting for him. He screwed the upper cupboard to the wall (It use to sit on the back of my desk) so that can be used

more efficiently for display mostly. But hey, not willing to part with that. It was the top part of a hoosier cupboard. I bought it at an auction, refinished the salvagable parts and wah-lah. The roll top part was long gone before we met. In the closeup, you will see my hero - Hermee from the Christmas show, "Rudolph". You see, Hermee wanted to be a dentist and persued his dreams, in spite of all his oppositions. I always thought his name was Herbie, but after seeing the story in print, ok now it's Hermee who is my hero. Or at least what he stands for.

I had been experiencing right shoulder problems and relieved the symptoms by lowering my labtop. It is on an old typeing table with drop down sides. These are nice for sewing side tables too. Note the new carousel from the Pottery Barn (on sale now). This would be a fantastic sewing notions thing. They even sell a 3 tiered one.

I removed very delapodated boards from the top of this table and had this enamel top out in the snowbank unsure of its new use. Well, it fit perfectly and now I have extended the work surface in my office by lots. With all the mailings I do, it will be a pleasure and not the chore it was.

Yes, the floor is still concrete but after waiting 6 years, I now know that I want cork! So that is a someday project. Not high on the priority list.

Well, this weekend I am spending it with the colored pencil artists from Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana. Or rather, they are spending it with me.

In the historical aspect of blogs, I must mention congrats to Brett Favre and his wife for getting through that tough interview/announcement this morning for his retirement. He seems like such a normal person and shared his personal life with the public right along with the professional life. Never holding an aire of "rich and famous" ness out there. Guess thats why we all love him. We will miss him, but life goes on.

Take care, patsy

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darlynn said...

Nice job "cleaning up"! Looks like your house is just as wonderful as the retreat. Cork floor....hmmmmm...seems like I have heard of that before, but pretty pricey as I remember, but remember Marty, she is worth it!!! Besides, he is so nice he probably never says NO! The wooden 2 drawer file box you have...I have one just like that in my kitchen that holds my recipes. Though I have since purchased an computer recipe program that I just love.
Keep up the good work girl!