Sunday, March 2, 2008

How high's the water, Mama?

As I was closing down the retreat for the week after guests left, I was exiting the old cabin door. There to my right, was a drip, drip, drip. The water was coming through the roof and running down the side of the logs and chinking. It was above the window, ran behind the window frame and splashing onto the window sill. Looked like it was raining - only on the inside. It was running right behind one of the mounted deer heads so I called my BIL Kevin to "help". Since I knew if I mentioned that one of their deer mounts was in jeapardy, it might get them to shovel the roof while they were here. Well, he put a block of wood under the deer head so the water would rush on by. And since he didn't offer to shovel the roof, I let it go at that. I might try later , or maybe not. Just wait till if freezes again tonight. Oh, I hate it when stuff goes wrong and Marty is not around to fix it. He went up north to discover Brady's new digs. Son, Brady bought a 10 acre place and Big Daddy went to fix stuff. Guess, I'll just save this leak thing for when he gets home. Don't want him to think we can get by without him. I remember an Andy Griffin show where Opey and Andy were left home alone while Aunt Bee went somewhere. Well she was devistated upon returning to a clean house. So Andy quietly told Opey to go mess up his room before she looked in at it. Guess we all just want to feel wanted. Off to inspect the drips, dump the bucket and sop up more water. Love the warmness, no coat at 40 degrees! Patsy

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