Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sweet Spring Blossoms - Inside

I forgot about this poor daisy while gone up north and it looked like it had melted into a puddle upon my return. I did give it some mouth to mouth - me saying "aaawwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhh!" And water helped some.
It has since recovered 80%. Still hoping. Doesn't it just give us hope?

And then there is this towel that had to come home to the Retreat.

Isn't that just too funny? That is what I think when I go to a thrift store. Drop a bag off, pick a bag up...........I guess I am just exchanging it for some different junk.
I do have to show you what I got on my last stop though.
Someone must have dropped off a whole collection of silver. I can pass on the pitchers and tableware but thought this was a bit unusual. The lighter is very heavy and thought someday it might be worth something. It didn't match the other for sale items so I didn't feel bad just getting one piece. Never seen a silver lighter before. I do have a silver baby cup collection along with a couple slender bud vases. I like the old tarnished looking stuff.
I hope you get outside today. Some of the retreaters are walking down Prouty Road where the grass is peeking out. I should go check the pussy willows. They should be out too. I heard lots of geese going over head the last couple days. Stacy and Brady, they are coming your way! off to see the maple syrup fire......patsy

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