Friday, March 14, 2008

Newsflash: It's Mud Season at the Homestead!

Mud season is O.K. though. I know this is just a transition to something better! The chicken girls are enjoying this mud and running water. I don't have to fill their water dish so much. (We use an electric dog watering bowl and run a very long extension cord to their chicken house in the winter) No water? No light? No eggs. Simple as that.

Juice was catching the rays of sun in the morning, but the sun has moved on. He will figure it out and relocate to another side of the house. I am affraid this isn't a very flattering photo of him. He really isn't that fat anymore. He's just kinda twisted funny with his very large ribcage.
I bought this 'Pretty' at a Wild Bird store in Baraboo Wisconsin. Along with a very nice CD with bird sounds, thunder storms, crickets, etc.
The hanging ball on this garden stake glows in the dark.
Today I worked on organizing my tax information and I also loaded up my car with things to take 'up north' to my son Brady's new place. I am leaving on tuesday. It is my painting vacation. But I'm very excited to have a week off! The rest of this weekend's group is due to arrive very soon. They are from the Gurnee IL and Libertyville IL area. All are one big group this time. Soon I will be enjoying the sounds of laughter and the hum of the sewing machine motors. I will get pics of some of their work. Later, patsy

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Proud Side Kick said...

Enjoy your 'painting' vacation. Catch you on the other side of your vacation. Happy Easter to you and Yours.