Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rug Hooking Ready

Isn't she a beauty? I got this from in Burnsville Minnesota. It is awsome and awaiting Lisa's rug hooking class on May 30th weekend. We still have two spots available by the way. Contact me, if interested in joining in the fun. In a couple weeks, I will have more information for supplies needed list. Rumor has it , Lisa is working on a "Homestead Cabin" kit for us if folks want.

Jack Frost photo is I am hopeful and affraid that it will be the last of the last for this winter. On friday when I was driving home from my thrift shop cruise, I finally felt that winter had broken it's back. That it finally felt like the end was near. I had been bummed and depressed for quite awhile not sure it this white would ever end! I want to show you the outcropping of rocks with colored icesickles that I drive by in Richland County. I will take my digital camera next trip and catch them before they melt. Better be monday since we are having a meltdown this week. Taaa taaa, patsy

1 comment:

darlynn said...

Okay, yes, the rug hooking frame is a beauty!!! And yes, I am jealous.

What is the quilt behind the frame?
You know that when pictures are posted, one rarely really LOOKS at what the author intended, rather all the peripheral scales, toilet paper, quilts, knick knacks...