Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back from the Northwoods

For five hours,

This was the view from my windshield on my way home today.

For the first 148 miles, it rained and snow flurried.
I was concerned that it would change to freezing rain but it didn't and eventually subsided.

I am having a glass of wine tonight. Maybe a whole bottle! After 6 days of 12 hour days of painting, I don't think I'll be painting anytime soon.

This is my son Brady's new home. I will show you a couple before/after to give you a better idea of why the 'Mom patrol' was called to help!

The 'Pink Room' was changed to a pale green. We created our own color palette by dumping partial cans of cream/white together and got a miss mixed army green at Walmart for 50% off. If only my house came with storage like this one did. Two bedrooms had a wall of cupboards like this. The shag carpet had to go.

We did the same mixing of paint for a brown/beige for his man room. Dumped it all into a large waste basket to mix. At least the blue surfer wallboard is now brown! This house is held together with duct tape and paint.
He is in heaven on his 10 acres of God's country. I want to show you a bit of downtown Ashland. It is on Lake Superior's bay and really laid back.
Logging is still part of Ashland.

Not touristy like it's neighboring town Bayfield.

This is one of the 20-some murals in Ashland. Very cool and all historic to the area. This one I just discovered while stopping for breakfast at the Best Western Cafe.

This is the inside of his greenhouse. I wanted to haul this building right home with me, but alas Brady is an organic gardener and can't wait to start his seeds next month! I'm so jealous!
Well, I hope I didn't bore anyone. Loved my trip away but loved coming home too. Tomorrow is grocery shopping and we all know how I love that! NOT! Patsy home in no where!

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darlynn said...

Glad you are finally back home! Brady is mighty lucky to have a mama that likes to paint and help decorate. Now, mixing paint in a garbage can...really Patsy, would not have the guts for that! Looks like you had the place lookin' pretty good when you left.