Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trip to Rosemont International Quilt Show

Well, I finally took a partial weekend off after 5 years. My sister and I drove to the Quilt show in Chicago this past week.
We joined up with our sister-in-law and on we went. I had to get this photo for my son, Brady. He's into 'Big Foot'. I think it has a real historical connection with the beast but I'll let him research that.

When we finally arrived at our destination, there was only one way for a forgetful person, as myself, to remember where the car was. Here were are.

Thursday night was preview night and was definately the night to go - the isles were not crowded and you could get into any vender's booth you wanted. ONce in a great while, you'd have to wait to check out, but all in all - way better than the next day. We got through half the venders the first night, along with the quilt show. Among many of the artsy quilts, I managed to find some 'traditional' quilts that appealed to me.
Here are a few that I could take pics of. When we looked at the quilts, there was one other person looking at them on Thursday night. Nice! Clear sailing, less hurried stress. We spent the night in the windy city and returned to a much more crowded house the next morning. We lined up in cattle gates but were dispersed quickly once the doors opened. This morning we started at the far end of the venders and slowly made our way to where we left off the night before. After 3 hours, we were done and ready to leave. I enjoyed the show and picked up a backpack's worth of goodies. Templates, ironing board cover, a book, pincushion, couple patterns, one tiny kit, a necklace, scarf clip, scarf, and maybe some other stuff too. I had alot of fun - that's for sure.
One art quilt that was interesting with gauze on the fence, novelty yarns for snowy weeds.

Glad I went. And thanks to my stand in cooks for friday night. Without them, I couldn't have gone!!

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