Wednesday, April 22, 2009

THis Little Light of Mine.....

I'm gonna let it shine........Home Depot and WalMart and I'm sure lots of other places have these cheap solar lights for under $4.00 each.

Take the stem off - the part you usually push in the ground, and you have just a cheap plastic votive and the solar cap on top. I had some glass globes from has been light fixtures - actually I seek these out in the thrift stores. I use to use them as bubbles in my garden but that didn't work too good. I am glad I had them yet. Susan gave me the idea of hanging these up. She was putting hers in a chandelier outside in the tree, I believe. She did mention that they are so very bright that one might shut the other next to it, off, due to it thinking it is daylight.

My outside chandelier doesn't accept the base of the votive very well, so I thought of trying the glass globes. I wrapped wire around the lip of it and hung it.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Mind if I steal it?

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Mind if I steal it???
Thanks a bunch! HUGS... christie