Thursday, April 2, 2009

Latest project and ebay find.....

I DO get some creative things done. I just finished this little yo-yo puppy made from the left overs from the 'over the river stitchery' project. The pattern is from Indygo Junction. I bought the yo-yo makers and they do make very exact yo-yo's . Mindless Tv work. I never liked the clown yo-yo dolls (I don't like clown anything) but fell in love with this puppy. I found a $3 very large industrial size spool of heavy button thread at St Vinnie's so I could finally finish him. I still need to get some eyes for him instead of pin-eyes. But for now, he now watches me from atop the tv.
The little one-sie outfit I found on ebay. I probably would not have given it a second look except I had just got done reading about these in this book.

I just got this book and love it! If you are into 30's quilts it is a must have.

Anyway, these little "Quilt Buddys" are to hang near where you are stitching. This little poem was in the book, so I printed it off and hang it on the tag with it. The article mentions that some of these have the poem stitched onto the 'shirt'.
Here are a few more of the featured quilts in the book. All come with instructions.
I found many very unusual quilts that I had not seen before. Those done with rickrack I though unique.

Enjoy, Patsy

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Mindful Presence said...

I hate clowns too! - What happened to us in childhood? --Sidekick