Monday, April 27, 2009

Monkey Business

The Story Continues.........

There's a story that started back a year ago. Two sock puppets named Dick and Jane, met, fell in love, and got married. That was last year. The wedding was briefly interrupted by a disheartened sock Monkey who loved the groom too.
Well, this year their lives continued....... seems there is a few additions to the family.
A set of twins......and then a surprise event. Another 'older' monkey child was handed over to Dick and Jane to raise. It seems sock Monkey had a child too. Oh, where will this go next year? Stay tuned.

Phyllis did a demo on how to do the toothbrush rugs. She also showed us her "Carriage Wheel Rug" which was published in 'Country Handcrafts' magazine a few years back. Way to go Phyllis!!
Here is the Homestead Under the Stars kit is somewhat disarray Joan??
Here is a puzzle that a friend let me borrow. It proved to be quite 'puzzling'.
There was a Stow away trying to go back to the big city with a few girls. I have always made it known that our cats like to jump in the cars when you are loading up, but I never thought I'd have to warn you to check your vehicles for chickens! This is one of the new ones I just acquired and apparently she is very inquisitive.
Glad she didn't leave any 'footprints' in the car.
This pin cushion of the week was from Primitive Gatherings I believe. I have one like it. Too cute!

Some Show n Tell for you............

The following jackets were all made by Sharon (in the purple) modeled by her friends.

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