Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Fifth were Firsts!!

It was the very first time that a vehicle like this ever turned into my driveway. At least not for the past 10 years. Ray brought 23 young fifth graders from Weston School District to my door. The same district I use to be a teacher's aid at. And some of the very same students I use to have in kindergarten class. Oh, I can't tell how good it was to see them all again. There were a few new faces sprinkled amongst the smiles. And thank goodness some adult volunteers came with them!! I cannot thank THEM enough.

We had 10 sewing machines set up at the retreat and the machines were only vacant long enough for an adult to change a needle, rethread the needle, or untangle the knotted mess in the bobbin case. They kept them humming.

Never have I seen so much determination to complete a quilt in a day. Eleanor Burns would have been proud. (She is a quilt author who touts Quilt-in-a-Day patterns). Mrs. M. the teacher, not being a quilter herself, was awful brave to take on this project. A teacher with alot of faith!!
A little Unsewing

Let me back up a bit. About a month ago I received this wonderful letter from Ramsey asking if I could help their class. He wanted to raise money for "Walk with Grace" a local chapter for Cancer research. After many emails back and forth with the teacher, we settled on a date. Mrs. L helped design a do-able quilt pattern for the kids. All the quilt squares were cut ahead of time and bagged up in individual little kits. 1 block per student. Most had them sewn together by 11:00am!! They were soooooo excited to ring the bell, hold up their block as everyone stopped and cheered and proudly walk it over to the design wall.
The students ate lunch on the deck while a few adults scrambled to square up the blocks. After lunch, on to the sashing and corner stones. Take a look at the progress. And the results. To make it just a tad bigger, I am adding, with their approval, a 4" border of blue around the outside. It then will be returned to them to sandwich together and quilt. I think they are going to tie it. And then sell raffle tickets. This is a photo of the 'real' kids and all their energy.
I think they all had a great time. And a new appreciation for quilting I hope. They didn't want to stop. Some sewed little squares together to take home mini 2" pillows. You should have seen the darling pillow some of the boys made me as a thank you gift. Keep sewing kids! Never stop the creativity!!
Bye kids!! Thanks for coming! Patsy


Anonymous said...

OH how wonderful you are patsy to take on the group... they look like they had a lot of fun and the quilt is beautiful and colorful,
just like the "quilters"
hope the creativity does not stop and cheers to the teacher for outstanding follow thru we need more of them.
take care love to read whats happening in the great upnorth
sarahs grove quilter

Sheila said...

Really, really adorable quilt! It just sparkles. Yay for the next generation of quilters!

Chris said...

What a riot. I wish I could have been there.

Kelly Kroon said...

I was able to be there to help and I was amazed at how well these kids sewed! They were so well-behaved. Thanks, Heather, for asking me to help, and thanks, Patsy, for having the kids come. I know there are some future quilters in that group!