Monday, April 6, 2009

Before the Bunny hops

Our last group before the Easter Holiday........
There was one last snow (hope it was the final one). I think this weeks retreaters all got lots done. Half the room was from south of the border (Illinois) and the north side was from Wisconsin.
They all met in the middle for a fabulous Show 'n Tell.

Thanks to all those that tried their hand at "hand quilting" on the frame in the Gathering Room so far. I got a chance to quilt a few hours Sunday night. It is almost ready to roll up the first 6 inches! I am thrilled with the results so far. I had a request for larger needles. I will get some. When I learned to hand quilt back in 1981, my teacher taught us with 10's and 11's so I thought everyone used them.
How's this one for Pin Cushion of the week?

I would like to thank Carol G for the goodies pictured in this photo from a few weeks ago. She was cleaning house and thought of me. How nice of her! You know I will make use of these goodies. There was a whole box of old Christmas lights not pictured all here. Again, thank you Carol!

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