Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a difference a week makes....

The new mantel look. I robbed lots of quilts off of the beds so I had to scramble and rob some in the house to replace them with.

OK, I should be out doing this. And I DID - for about an hour is all. The wind was frustrating me. Can't we just light a match ? It's been real windy and the fire department has had lots of lazy raking calls.

What a difference a week makes.........We may have had a week 'off' according to the calendar, but we accomplished lots of little tasks that needed to be done according to Patsy.

Like painting one more room. The room fondly known as the 60's room got a coat of paint similar to the upstairs paint. A khaki tan color. The bathroom a shade darker, but done done. And then there was the decorating.

A shelf was added from The Wood Shed, filled with memorabilia from another time. I had lots of mirrors collected from auctions, thrift stores, and church sales.
Marty found another one in his shop that he's been cleaning for the past 8 weeks. (photos another time). We put up extra mirrors in some of the bathrooms. Then there was the crocheted pin cushion collection that has been waiting inside a paper bag. Finally, they made their way onto the walls. Caster wheels were attached to the log beds for ease in cleaning along with some extra sturdy brackets. I hope you all don't roll away on me now.

In the kitchen, I have a good start on installing the 'tin' panels. They are glued down and I have two walls to go. More material is ordered. New curtains were hung and a little de-cluttering was done. Oh yeah, did you notice the card holders on each and every drawer? This will help everyone, including me, find things and return them to their proper spot. I have included some Spring decorating shots of the Retreat in case some of you don't get here this time of year.

I turned the spice cupboard to the back wall from the side. Here is a better look at all the little card label holders on the drawers.
The bunnys are staying up for one more month.

Peter's tea party. They tea set is dime and quarter size.
I've been a sucker for Beatrix Potter stuff.

We got a new phone system in the Retreat and our house. Finally, I can push calls to anywhere on the property without the leg work. **If a guest gets a call after I'm in the house, I can just push it to ring out there. Nice!

The new-to-me lawn furniture was taken out of storage and put on the deck. They are so cushy and cozy. There are two chaise loungers, 6 chairs + table with cushy footstools, a settee, coffee table. And the two new umbrellas for the picnic tables are up and ready for you to eat on the deck.

Here are more Spring corations to show you. I had fun tieing up the quilts for a splash of color for the backdrop. Remember these rubber boots back in the 60's?
More Easter / Spring photos.

I found the painted bottle and pressed flowers between glass at a thrift store. The bug sprayers / weed sprayers - well, I just like the colored bottles. And the colorful basket of thread was my 'Easter basket' tribute to sewing.

Another pair of red boots. Just love the splash of color, along with the two dolly quilts thrown over the wood ironing board. Another weed sprayer by the boots. Can we say addiction Patsy? An old gardening book with Father Rabbit.

This little gathering was so 'soft'. The basket quilt along with a pussy willow wreath, more boots - they are frog boots, stitchery pillow, bunnies, pin cushions, sewing stuff and an old hair dryer round suitcase.

Here is where the baby buggy came to rest. It looks great up by the yellow Spring gown. Who knew? I also had a collection of vintage baby blankets and found this yellow corderoy with embroidery on it. It had the turquoise embroidery that matched the buggy wonderfully.

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julie - eab designs said...

Love your little tea set! I'm a huge fan of Beatrix Potter as well. Your retreat looks so pleasant and welcoming. Your guests must enjoy it so.