Monday, September 29, 2008

Jammies to Hairy Spiders

These are pajama bottoms with T shirt tops/embellished w/matching fabric. Very cool. The pant legs look like pillow case edges.
This week's quilters were churning out pajamas, machine embroidery, and great quilt tops too.
Just take a look.....
The hairy spiders are just black circles now, but this quilter has hairy yarn and she knows how to use it!
Applique is beautiful....
Sorry, I am getting use to my new software and camera. I deleted the group photo by mistake. Someone forward me one, o.k.?
More to look at.....
Between hosting this weekend I finally finished my Marinara Sauce cooking on the outside burner for 3 days. This is what it started out as.
I wish I had an outside kitchen like the decorator shows. One that you can hose down when you're done. What a mess, but at least it was outside.

Have a good day, Patsy

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Chris' Shady Grove said...

Looks like lots of inspiration to be had over the weekend. Wonderful work ladies! Enjoy the rain Patsy