Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kaleidoscope Fun!

While up north with my kids, I happened upon an awsome gift. You see, last Christmas my kids gave me this cardboard and foil kaleidoscope with a note to pick one out on line - they just couldn't agree which one. So I went on line and many were out of stock (right after Christmas) so I had forgotten about it.

I went to Bayfield - very touristy town and this great pottery shop that I always stop at, had this terrific scope! It has actual stones from around the world they say and it is in an oily liquid. The light shines in the middle and you can view from both ends a different view. It is called the Wedding Kaleidoscope from Chromascopes handmade.

Quilters just like this sort of stuff.....

and to think, stones.........

just one more view..... The pics don't do it justice as the clarity is sharp!

playing today. Yesterday I got some goodies at JJ Stitches and Millhouse Quilt shops in Sun Prairie and Waunakee respectively. They will both be venders at the Madison Quilt Expo. If you want to spend a night at the retreat, call as we have room this weekend.

See you there on friday! patsy

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