Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Mix of things..........

The apples are looking good here at the Homestead Cabin Retreat!

Some photos of my "UP NOrth" Trip...

I have been up north and back again - all refreshed for the Fall Season here at the Retreat. My daughter and son-in-law were working on their porch railing that they cut and hand shaved themselves out of cedar. My son's cat, named Yettie (Big foot) is rightfully named. Just take a look. I got to get some of the organic blueberry farm's wares to bring back for my freezer. Yum! It is a bumper year for them up there in Bayfield Wisconsin. On August 27th, they had a light touch of frost that kissed the vine crops.Have you ever wondered the contributing factor of Overweight Americans? Seems more and more are overweight.

I think I have the answer. If we all ate off of antique dishes, we might lose weight......see the cereal bowl of yesteryear and one of today? Each has a half cup in it - the recommended dose. I of course dumped them both into one and ate them both.

But the theory is still a good one. Even the plates are smaller of years ago. Now if I can just retrain my 'eye' to accept this theory!

I have to show you one of my must stop at spots when I do go to Bayfield (on the shores of Lake Superior). Of course I wanted to put these on the retreat and showed Marty when I got home. He didn't think much of hanging all that weight onto the end of the roof just for show. Have to work on him on that one. Ain't it cool?

Self watering too - if it rains.
This photo is taking at the same stop. I had to have at least one view of the lake to show you.

Have a great day. We are enjoying a wonderful gentle rain that started early this morning. I hope it continues all day! Patsy

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Chris' Greetings from the Shady Grove said...

so many beautiful thinngs. I love the Yettie. What a cutie and that railing is just gorgeous!