Friday, August 1, 2008

"Yore" ...a time long past

This is my favorite decorating/antique store and it is within 20 miles of the Retreat!!
"Yore" is on Hwy 14 and is owned by two wonderful people Ross and Theresa. Just take a look...........
The "Olde Homestead" sign is no longer at the store :)
Ross can take an old item and turn it into something wonderful and useful. Like a footboard of a bed into a quilt rack. He shines up grungy dressers and cupboards. He is so creative!
This is the same store that I have been picking up the quilted aprons at......another jumped in the car during this trip too.

I just know you'll want to stop here the next time you visit the Homestead, so ask me for directions when you come.
If you see a particular item in the photos and you want it NOW, you can call her at 608-583-2670 . Or their email is

Another wonderful part I love about the store is it is ever changing and rearranging. Every time I visit it is like a new store. I notice things I didn't before. Just look at this. So stop in, I might see you there! patsy


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Patsy says about Yore and their owners!!
Everytime I visit I can't beleive what a talent both Ross and Theresa have, they make a great team!

Sugar Grove B&B

SHARYN said...

Patsy, I've been to your Retreat well over 10 times and you've never shared this place with me. I love it. So much that I think I'll make a special trip just to shop this cute store. Thanks or the info. I love your blog!!!