Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cleaning Day today

Time to relax a bit since this is my hectic week with a group sandwiched between two weekend groups. Exhale....
With a little of this
and a little of that
cleaning at our house is all about stolen moments from our precious time. I don't waste too many minutes spent on the cleaning chore. With two dogs and two cats we just live with dust bunnies and hairy globs in the corners. Now don't get scared as I sweep them up eventually. It's just not my priority like the Retreat is. Now that is clean.
Some more nice photos of things about outside.
Does anyone remember these rural mailboxes? They spin around to close and open an inside tube for the mail. It took years till I found one.
Shadows lurking everywhere in the dappled sunlight.
I will leave you with that today. Getting humidly HOT today! Mid 80's and higher! We could use a little rain. ,,,,,,,,Patsy

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Patsy, what a fun weekend that must have been. Do you have any more info on the wonderful colored quilt that is squares that are made up of mitered sections? I have to make that. And was it made of twill fabrics?

Keep blogging, I look for something new everyday and they are all wonderful!!! Just like you.

Sharyn James