Thursday, August 14, 2008

Junking again

Was it ever fun to visit my favorite local stops to pick up a few nice things. The one store I had to wait for it to open and was undecided for a few seconds on whether I should wait or not? Well, I'm glad I did because they had a 35% off everything in the store day. They do this unannouced about once a month to keep inventory managable. Don't you wish some quilt shops would do that?
Anyway, this was my bootie for the week.

an amateur painting was amongst a pile of them by the same person. I liked this one fine.

I'm a sucker for these old coat hooks that just screw into the wood. The truck is my future "MaryJane Pin Cushion"

Bark cloth at $1 per curtain panel. I don't get deals like that everyday - Oh, and then 35% off that. And I have been drooling over those clothespins on ebay since ebay began. But always too much money. Except today plus the discount. What a find!
Tomorrow I will check out a different county......happy hunting, Patsy

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