Friday, August 1, 2008

Journey out and about

Some days I do get out. A dear friend and I went to Bear Valley Perennials (it's closing end of month) and got some great deals on day lilies and hostas. It's 10 minutes from the Retreat.

They have this great stone barn foundation and I just couldn't keep my camera in my pocket. The flowers were so beautiful!

Every time I drive to Muscoda, I pass by this little out of the way cemetary and this little angel kept calling me. I finally got to stop and say hello to her. She was wearing her newest ivy for the summer atop her already great mossy patina. She was stunning!

There was another tomb stone that was quite unique. Made of stone but looked like stacked logs.

So after walking about the Dawson Cemetary, I bid my little angel farewell. I trust we will see each other many times as she looks out towards the road. I like to think she watches out for the safety of travelers as they speed by with hardly a glance. But I know you're there little one. I will remember you. patsy

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