Friday, August 15, 2008

How much "stuff" does a person 'NEED'?

Setting sun at the Chapel after church services last night.

After I compile all the recent purchases, and while they wait to merge into my 'collections', there comes a sensability over myself.
Honestly, how much STUFF does a person really need? It is like a sickness. I have gone to auctions where there is wagon after wagon of STUFF that folks have accumulated in their lifetime. They reach a certain age and start unloading it or they die and the poor relatives unload it. Then the STUFF recirculates and distributes itself to others' homes for awhile. A cycle of life. (The spam piggy bank is for Brady, my son) running joke about spam.
Sometimes I go for weeks or months not getting a thing. And then I just can't stop myself. The unstable economy must get my hoarding insticts on red alert and there I go again.
These polyester double knit pants were a kick and in Marty's size too. We love Halloween so maybe they'll show up with Marty in them some morning for breakfast.
The label on these called them "hand warmers" It has a wick in them.

'Fancy work' was everywhere today.
The little dolly just begged me to take her home so I took her in my arms and told her I would find her some dolly clothes long packed away from Stacy. I never did have a 'girly girl' so all of my doll clothes are in great condition.
Well, I better go merge this stuff and collect my thoughts.
Have a great weekend everyone! Patsy

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Chris' Greetings from the Shady Grove said...

Let me know if you plan a yard sale. I'd love to see what you have for sale. :) I say keep shopping. There are so many more nooks and crannys to fill at the retreat.