Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Permits and Pumping

Todays activities are brought to you by the Letter "P".
Normal activies can be disrupted at the retreat if you

don't have the proper permits.
It seems every 5 years these things will have to be renewed.
The first leg of
the race involves getting a "Lodging Permit" renewed
at the local level. This is the township board and they
"yah" or "nay" your request.
Then it is off to the County levelAnd yes, that is Marty on the board. He is the chairman but had
to 'excuse' himself for the discussion of this item on the agenda.
The other thing happening in my world is the wonderful world of "Pumping" the septic system. Also brought on by our county government. You see, if you live in the country, your flushables go to a sort of holding tank, where the liquids flow off into a drainage/leach field and evaporate. Well the county demands that you pump the solids out of your tank, and have to fill out a paper to file with them that this was done every 2 years. This particular tank is our house - not the retreat.

While I am thinking about the county, today a guy stopped by to take pictures of the outside of the retreat for the upcoming special exemption permit (my county permit hearing). It wouldn't be so bad, but it was the second guy to stop by in 3 weeks! I told him, someone already took pictures but if he would like some too, to go ahead. I also said that it was 'double coverage' and how I 'loved' to see my tax dollars at work. NOT eerrrggggghhhh patsy

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